History of SUPERBAGAN bloodline

Today i have time to write about superbagan and how the different from indo fighter....bagan fighter...maybe indo bagan fighter or what ever you want to call so all new players, all new buyers know exacly the purebloodline of superbagan.

pure bagan bloodline.....well if i talk about pure bloodline, there will be many questions where they coming from ,where we get it from and many more questions.....also there can be seen from many point of views or which side you want to see.... i prefer i explain from my point of view.

1. The SUPEBAGAN bloodline.

well surely bagan city is the main location. But about 40 years ago ( year 1974) my family Stop buying from bagan coz some top breeder who have produce ORIGINAL champion BLOODLINE already dead... and during years of my grand faher,we buy only ORIGINAL CHAMPION bagan bloodline which are proven in arena.......we not just buy 1 or 2 fighters we buy all in 1 pond....

Bagan champion is not the same with ordinary bagan that now are available in bagan city, medan city and all sumatra. Bagan bloodline is the best bloodline from all bagan. Maybe i called the bloodline is KING BAGAN( i will explain later) to make different with bagan in indonesia

in the past, breeder betta is not rich people.... that why we can buy the fighter very cheap if we take all all fighter include female in 1 pond.... we also learn to breed them by our own skill.... learn the bloodline time to time.... i think we know the fighter history better than our family history....

after 1974, all bagan start mixed with malaysian, thailand, vietnam, singgapore...the new breeder believe with the mixed blood they produce better quality. but still we believe the bagan have more advantage and we loyal to breed the precious bagan fighter. due to we are very good in financial so we do for hobby......never sell fighter to any player. but we do very serius in breeding. maintain pure bloodline isnot easy job so we do it carefuly.... even we do as hobby we must count the cost we spent every month and believe me its not cheap.

until one day, i have some email, telling me that indo fighter is nothing and yes he has website too.... so i start to selling fighter to usa ... prove who is the best fighter in every arena... well i prove indonesia have better fighter than other countries. and certainly indonesia have super fighter called superbagan.

now in modern ways, all i do is to is increase my fighter quality.... but surely i dont do mixed blood with other bloodline. i keep them in purebloodline so all fighter in 1 batch have same quality...same skill.


2. indo fighter is not bagan

There some smart ass indonesia player think they are known all type of fighter ...know the history of bagan..i bet this young player maybe not yet born but he know the history so detail..... funny right?!

indonesia fighter is not bagan coz they are mixed blood from first time. why?! during 1980 to 2007.... indonesia import alot of fighter most fighter from thailand...malaysia... singgapore maybe vietnam.... you can ask any top player that day maybe they still live now. is it true about import fighter flooded indonesia!? yes it is.


during 1980 - 2007, indonesia player breeder believe mixed proven fighter in arena bloodline vs his female which also super quality will get both advantage from parent...well in some theory that will be correct.... BUT how about disadvantage?! are they calculate?! i'm very sure they not... so in this periode most of fighter become "uncertain bloodline". Alot of imported champion vs "indo champion" produce not just bad but VERY VERY UGLY fighter. Most of them FAIL to produce super breed fighters.... A lot of breeders quit coz cannot stand the cost they pay everymonth fro quite some years cannot sell the fighter because poor quality

many breeder ask me alot why champ vs champ= useless fighters?! well know you know the answer. uncertain bloodline make uncertain pedigree.

this last 1-2 years, when superbagan wellknown as super fighter from indonesia ....many breeders in medan or bagan selling many female ....Hundreds maybe thousand every months to thailand, malaysia, vietnam or others.... is it this kind bagan female will produce superbagan?! remember superbagan bloodline is pure and this bloodline not from ordinary bagan. defenitly not the same.. so prepare get the worse pedigree buddy


3. Opinion from writers isn't always correct

Many writer in outside indonesia write about original bagan bloodline .... i know they are very interesting about superbagan........ the 1 mistake he did is he intersting in bagan not superbagan?! but i will explain in my point of view

i assume superbagan = bagan from point of writes view!!

why intersting in superbagan?! in this hobby only 1 thing someone interesting in SUPERBAGAN.. coz this type of fighter can make himself famous in usa mostly and ofcourse other countries.

its not just wins but fight so beautiful, release combo fatal hits....make opponent jump from water... bravest heart.... and win from unbeatable champion....take opponent champ tittle, claim fame in hardest arena...also money for bet. that will make them want to study why superbagan and how to breed them.

if you think bagan is superbagan, then the writer is wrong. i hope one day the writer will do more carefull before start to write.

the fact is superbagan is from king bagan..... present bagan fighter is mixed blood....

4. indo breeder mistake

where is bagan pure bloodline nowadays?! Pure bloodline bagan ofcourse not exsist anymore coz we buy most champion before 1974. before reach 1974, 1 by 1 golden breeder ( founder of purebloodline )died and their heir cannot produce good fighter ...why?! they start mixed all pure bagan to get best fighter bloodline and that make HUGE MISTAKE. and that was my grand father told them in first time...but they not listen so we stop buy mixed bloodline and start to breed with our own skill.... and that isn't easy.


Mixed bloodline = have advantage in their fighter but also have disadvantage.... the big disadvantage is when their are 2 or 3 different colors fighter have different type and different quality too for sure

pick same batch but different color only make uncertain to user( customer)

the difficult is if they are in 1 color but have many different quality....different style.

why i always keep my bagan bloodline pure coz in 1 batch i surely can quarante all fighter are same quality..same fatal hit...same fighting skill and mostly super heart.

5. believe in Rumour going make you lost

well, i think there are many breeder, player confuse how to beat SUPERBAGAN....who?! yes...you ... i mean you who read this article THINK i talking big. most of breeder in indonesia cannot produce very good fighter that can compete in usa... even they are very very good in COMPETITION ....i think they some of them cannot competed in surabaya. well many champions fall in surabaya before they can make their name famous....

so far typical indo breeder is funny... they travel to all countries that produce super fighter name it... malaysia..thailand...singgapore and COPY CAT all their pond..... earth pond...cement pond..or mixed them. So far none of indonesia cannot produce super fighter regularly or maybe even hard to get compete in surabaya. why?! they dont have skill to do breeding.... i'm sure they have money, they have time, even they will leave their regular work just for breed super fighter. can this scarifice works.... well some indo fighter well know have "ATHLETES BODY LESS SKILL in usa

the fact is i do different from others... i keep my mouth shut.... i let my fighter called superbagan do solve my customer matters. which is beat the champion and be the one!! see www.superbagan.com/history

7 Hardest arena in indonesia

Sometimes people ask me where is the hardest arena in indonesia.... i dare to say its surabaya. why?! player have too much ego.... so they will buy expensive fighter from all countries.... even jakarta, malaysia, thai best fighter will go to surabaya....we do big talking after win.....well that oke with me coz winner can do anything as long as he win.

the good for me is i dont often to go to other countries to fight....all champ are ready here in surabaya.

1 more thing that make surabaya different from other cities... we have SUPERBAGAN. the best indonesia betta fighter.


8. fact and rumour

1. many writers want to make sure where superbagan fighter ancestor from?!

the answer is bagan city.... not thai, not even malay.... is it from indonesia... it's so absurd someone claim bagan fighter ancestor is from thailand.... or malaysia..... Indonesia rich of resources means we have more wild betta than thailand and malaysia. we have source that support us to make the fighter become super.

in every country, they have basic specialities.... thailand have sharpest teeth, malaysia have super endurance, singgapore have flamboyan fighters, indonesia have superbagan....

i will explain why thailand, malaysia and singgapore more famous than indonesia far away before 2000 year..... thailand are famous both from fancy betta and betta fighter because they blow their story first from first and most of the people have very very good brotherhood this very different from indonesia. indonesian more believe in import fighter in big bet..... so if there is any fighter good born in indonesia they will not buy expensive and always doing trash talk about someone fighters.

that is why bagan fighter begun well known about 2009...when i start to export my fighter to usa and other countries. still when superbagan wellknown in outside indonesia...there are many people look down superbagan. typical attitude never change, right?!

the ancestor bagan was breed in bagan city, first time come to our family hands their look so tough...so whole... different from other fighter... so in my story to make it different with other bagan i called them king bagan.


2. Most of them think bagan fighter alwasy green fighter... is it true?!

the answer is NO. .....Well there was a famous bagan fighter with very good ability and hardest scale called bagan batu or stone bagan and yes they are green color. but are best bloodline bagan all green that is very very absurd.

3. Superbagan ancestor is from thailand or malaysia or singgapore or maybe alaska!?

What kind theory is that.... The way I think some writers want to make some of his theory so his counries can sell fighter more or make some excuse himself to promote their own countries... come on, man... that nasionalism feeling absoluty absurd. Everything good from writers countries. i bet you want to make some profit here

4. Superbagan just a website so the writer can selling his fighter much more?!

well, i think this question are good one... i never sell a fighter before...my family also never sell and its taboo to talk fighter in our family.... well it's kind odd we do as hobby but don't talk about it. where i found the name?!... i fight against some of best fighter in or outside indonesia... many players people who watch my fighter fight and win against unbeatable champion ...then everyone called " super fighter from bagan city"..... and i make it short become SUPER BAGAN

5. why SUPERBAGAN's OWNER don't like writers, people want to meet them?!

well, i'm friendly person.... but people who want to meet me, they want to study, sometimes bribe my employee to get cheaper fighters from them..... Put some medicine in my ponds so my fighters die without reason...and most of all do some bad tricks.. sorry guys, i don't take someone to my farm ever again.

what i'm telling you are: i'm not a teacher.... i don't brotherhood especially in my farm.... i do take champion tittle in your arena.... Superbagan will beat your arena champion..... take claim of what he deserve.... i don't do mouth fight even i'm right but i let you know 1 thing straight...my fighter do the job..... he is my problem solver .....he called SUPERBAGAN.


SuperBagan :Fighting unbeatble Monster



its nice back again... hahhahaha i know some of you miss article hope this can become start i explore more about superbagan, lately i back from long acting mistrious. its kind funny to back and do this fighting very seriously just like in the past. today i sure you i'm in peak perform and getting better. upgrade many ponds and bring some legend purebloodline alive and become champion killer in several toughest arena. well i think this just a start. because this page is so important i want to write in several language include bahasa and chinese(update soon for chinese)

What i want to write today is not about how good my fighter? is not about how good this and that? or maybe is not about how i sell usd150 hahahaha. today i see in different point of view. i saw threads...i see invasion from other countries invading indonesia with hundred maybe thousand of their fighters. You name it thailand, malay and cambodia. its broke my heart that people in indo think more superior with imported fighter than local fighter while superbagan make very good in abroad claiming champon in toughest arena not just USA but Hongkong, china, including south east asia, philipine, malaysia and singgapore.

In indonesia big arena, most champion dominated with imported fighter. And indo people so proud with their imported fighters's winning, i can see overacting smiling, mocking after wins and proud that no body can beat them maybe that kind my attitude in past when i use my super bagan hahahaha.i must admit local fighter cannot do much in the tough area invading import fighters. Do you think we indo people cannot produce super fighter? Is it because poor taking care? Why indo people not have self confident in own countries champion? while others very confident using their own fighter in very big games

these questions bother me until today. that is why i change my view... i change my goal... i want to stand in my own land. i want we indonesia show our best. i want to stand against monster like my superbagan fight all this time in every tough arena in every countries. well i think its very ambisious my friends but if we dont stand AGAINST THOSE MONSTER OPPONENT who did? You ?! now there will be no YOU... but there will be no you alone but there will be us. let make history together beat those imported fighter who invade indonesia so long



UNBEATABLE MONSTER from other countries

i saw lately many people have bring fighter from other countries, champion in their countries. can win big games in our land. i see you LOSE. i see you desperate. did you know what my biggest mistake i ever made? i never sell superbagan in indonesia. i was very busy looking wins in usa, in malaysia, in singgapore, in many countries. i smile everytime my superbagan win hahahahaha. the answer always win..win..(maybe very rare lose) that the truth.in past, I'm busy claiming champion tittle, claiming pride, so greedy selling fighters too i think i want to become the most famous fish breeder , fish seller and maybe i claim to have the best fighter hahahaha. World champion i think, crazy right?!

yes i admit i hiding, acting misterious these couple years maybe many years, even people in my country things i never exist hahahaha. i kind people don't like to show my face to everyone. think i the best... i want people all over the world admit my effort which is superbagan can do more, can beat tough opponent, can killed many champions exist in every periode of time. well in past there many champion and trust me they very very hard to killed or tame. but now superbagan develop much more and we will make new history. WIN

wheter you like it or not, monster fighter from other countries will come again and again to indonesia or maybe to your city. invading your arena, invading your pride. its time you need to stand up. i have an army of superbagan .... its time face the MONSTER



help me to HELP YOU

i know when you read this you maybe look for option to win in your arena. i know you willing to buy but you look my fighter over price. do you think price matters?! NO, i think your win is matter to me. i know you afraid to lose frankly me too. i shake alot in big games especially include big money hahahaha. that very normal my friend. but superbagan will give you the best he got. trust me, he got his name super fighter from bagan which i make it short superbagan is not from fancy idea or just creation of words but he beat the unbeatable monster in their time and in every periode of time.

before you buy SUPERBAGAN, i think you need to open yourself are you ready to dedicated in this fight. monster opponent fighter will come anytime wheather you like it or not. i tell you secret, if you buy REAL superbagan and beat the champion what you gonna to do next? buy again from me right. that is my goal.but i think you will tell everyone that superbagan is win for you. but frankly that is not right....THAT IS WRONG!! the fact is you win for us, you win because you did everything as i told you and you do very discipline. You claim your own champion...you claim your own PRIDE.

Are you ready to killed a monster champion?!


ZERO to hero

if you see properly i puts capital in zero letter... yes, that is most profile of my customers a NOOBIE ... a LOSER...a ZERO. You can see most player in history page. they tell me how they win, they overwhelm. do you think they not scared?! what they believe in superbagan?! they just buy from me with EXPENSIVE price. i think most people mock them of their stupidity buy expensive superbagan. but they keep persistence, they know they will give the best effort to beat a champion arena. and they did!! WIN in style

i have story, couple months ago, i receive called from a guy in jakarta. asking me about my fighter this nad that but not too much detail. first i dont want to sell because i think this guy cannot affort my fighter price....his short name VIP. this guy very polite asking me and remind me of one of my friend mr bond in usa. before i start selling to this guy i check his profile, and he very dedicated in this games.He just low level player that keep losing. What kind player keep losing and still coming back. stuborn player i think. i sent couple figher such as mighty mouse i upload at my facebook i try to take the video out from facebook but very hard,then famous godzilla. he maybe not HERO yet but he surely not ZERO now. claim win after win.

yesterday, 30 april 2018 he give me report about virus elite. 1 fights is against tangerang player and 2 hours finished i think opponent cannot take the fatal hit. Other against jakarta champion. after 3-0 in B arena, opponent have superior records still opponent fighter bigger 0.6 against VIRUS elite and result opponent heavy wounded and virus claim his tittle champion.

do you think what make a player can upgrade his rank from medium to pro player? i think what can he provide the best for SUPERBAGAN...is not how he fierce in arena...is not how rich you are but how you can dedicated and trust. what about you?! Are you ready become monster killer?! are you willing to increase your rank become pro player?! no need to answer now.

there are too many imported fighter from thailand, malaysia, singgapore even cambodian and vietname. this is the time we take our pride again. help me to fight those champions. help me to regain what we loss all this time. PRIDE. let the army of superbagan spread the terror into everyarena with your help.


SURABAYA is very special place

Why surabaya?! why not my home town malang city where my farm there?! each place have special like medan, jakarta but surabaya seem so special because we have top grade fighter coming from all over place. you name it, thailand champion, cambodian SVIP, IPOH super, and local such as medan super, local super hard to win here because they bring the best from each countries and sure they will give nightmare. i'm not put someone in corner but hard to stand in heat of games if just ordinary or medicore fighter

Monster fighter come and get KO or killed if even they champion because we have superbagan and super anchor hahahaha. i must have one that can stand if superbagan cannot make it in very very tough competititon. that is why i called anchor. guardian of superbagan. why make surabaya become the best choise for you to buy a super fighter? because most player imported from many place which already make win in several tough arena. so if someone doing good here its sure doing good in other place. trust me our comunity have various level from low to SVIP. and when come SVIP all fighter are special.


Be a Champion not winner

ordinary player think win always champion. NO... no... no that is wrong. you can win vs junk fish, you can win by trick your opponent, you can let them have smaller size but TRUE CHAMPION is the one dare to fight the unbeatble monster. need courage...need discipline and superly need a fighter that he can rely on. To me and my customers the answer is SUPERBAGAN

the really question is not how dare you buy my fighter? is not how rich you are? but HOW DARE you fight An UNBEABLE monster... How dare you upgrade your level of games? how dare you become champion and defend the tittle .....take a side brother i show you how SUPERBAGAN beat an unbeatable MONSTER.


SuperBagan :Melawan monster yang tidak terkalahkan


hi teman2 salam superbagan. Senang rasanya bisa menulis kembali hahahaha sebenarnya saya agak tidak terbiasa dengan menuliskan dengan bahasa mungkin terasa agak kaku . saya mulai ya....saya lebih suka orang menghargai usaha dan kerja keras ikan2 saya yang bernama ikan super dari bagan. ato saya sederhanakan superbagan daripada usaha saya sendiri mempopulerkan ikan ini. karena bloodline2 terbaik dari superbagan lah yang sebenarnya bekerja untuk saya. saya cuma player, breeder, hobbiest di bidang cupang aduan. malahan saya lebih baik tidak terkenal sebab tujuan saya adalah mempopulerkan strain2 asli indonesia supaya bisa merajai arena2 top dunia.

hari ini saya bersemangat sekali sebab banyak pihak mendorong saya untuk mempopulerkan superbagan kembali, mengaktifkan bloodline ikan saya and menjadi jawara dengan mengalahkan ikan2 super dari negara lain. saya rasa kali ini akan special karena saya tujukan untuk player2 di indonesia khususnya bahwa saya yakin di dunia hanya ada 1 juara diantara para juara.kehadiran ikan itu terasa istimewa. Mantapkan kalo ikan itu adalah SUPERBAGAN. Strain ikan lokal yang merajai dunia. Hasil kemenangan tentu bukanlah fiksi sebab mereka semua beradu hebat di arena2 top dunia. jadi kamu wajib tahu bahwa ikan SUPERBAGAN sudah mendunia tapi tidak di indo melainkan usa mungkin semua negara.


Apa yang saya ingin tulis di sini bukan soal kesuperan ikan2 saya? bukan soal rawatan yang bagus dsb? atau mungkin bagaimana saya menjual ikan saya seharga usd150 hahahaha gile ya. 1 ekor superbagan seharga 1,4 juta. ikan2 saya memang banyak menorehkan prestasi di dunia international baik asia tenggara di mana pusat ikan cupang berkualitas tinggi seperti thailand , malaysia, singgapore ato negara2 lainnya. sebagaimana bloodline terbaik di kembangkan terus sehingga meningkatkan ketahanan, kekuatan pukulan yang mematikan dan keahlian gaya bertaruh yang sangat indah. ya, saya adalah raineir. yang membuat semuanya mungkin . sedikit agak sombong ya. hahahaha.

Sudah sejak lama saya eksport ke usa. Memang sungguh membanggakan bisa menang, bisa merampok gelar musuh kita, bahkan saya bangga bisa membuat indonesia terkenal gara2 usaha perlawanan superbagan yang maksimal. tahukah anda, di beberapa daerah nama superbagan cukup di takuti. ehmm kira2 kenapa ya? hahahaha. Sekarang masalahnya yang saya lihat berbeda, kita di jajah ikan2 asing. ikan2 import dari thailand, malaysia, singgapore, cambodia juga vietnam. GILA!! terus terang saya sakit hati kalo orang indo mengira ikan luar negeri jauh lebih super. ikan kita beroleh prestasi di amerika, hongkong china dan asia tenggara tapi di dalam negeri membanggakan ikan import lebih di agungkan.


Memang tidak salah di arena2 besar indonesia di dominasi ikan2 import, memang tidak salah orang kita bangga berfoto dengan peternak, player dari negara lain. mungkin ketika mereka menang mereka bisa tersenyum sinis, mengerjai kita bahkan membully...sttt itu sifat saya dulu loh tapi saya yang di ajak foto. hahaha harus saya akui ikan lokal super kita tidak berdaya di arena2 tangguh baik lokal maupun internasional mungkin kah ada sebab2 nya?! menurut saya untuk menghasilkan ikan yang benar2 bagus butuh lebih dr sekedar tenaga dan tempat tapi pengetahuan, bloodline and keahlian dalam mengolah Sumber daya tentu juga uang yang besar.

Tujuan saya dahulu adalah saya hanya akan menjual ikan di luar negeri, mungkin karena kurs USD. mungkin juga bangga kalo menang. tapi sekarang saya mau mengganti tujuan. ya... saya mau merajai arena2 terkenal domestik. saya mau kita orang indonesia bisa menunjukan kehebatan ikan2 kita. saya mau melawan ikan2 monster yang katanya susah di kalahkan karena jika tidak ada yang melawan ikan2 monster yang tidak dapat dikalahkan, siapa yang akan melawan? kamu?! saya sangat yakin tidak akan ada kamu di sana sendirian tetapi ke depan akan ada kita dan superbagan. MARI kita membuat sejarah bersama dengan melawan ikan2 import hebat yang sudah merajai arena2 kita begitu lama.


Monster yang tidak terkalahkan dari tanah seberang

saya melihat banyak player yang beli ikan import dr negara lain, juara dari negara, tidak terkalahkan, dan bisa menang taruhan di arena2 kita. saya lihat anda kalah, down, saya tahu anda frustasi. tahukah anda apa yang menjadi kesalahan terbesar saya?! saya tidak pernah menjual superbagan di indonesia. saya sibuk dengan cari kemenangan di usa, di malaysia, singgapore and banyak negara lain. saya terseyum bangga ikan saya menang. jawaban dari tiap customer saya menang...menang meskipun ada kalah tapi sangat lah jarang. saya sibuk cari gelar juara di negara orang butuh pengakuan, mungkin juga gelar2 juara saya rampok semua dan juga menjual ikan secara gila2 an, rakus karena saya ingin menjadi breeder paling top, penjual ikan paling laris and mungkin saya penyuplai ikan2 super. juara dunia lah. gila ya?! hahahaha

saya akui memang saya bukan orang terbuka seperti penjual2 lain.. saya cenderung berlaku misterious mungkin sebagian orang di indo juga berpikir saya tidak ada, tidak aktif mungkin sudah meninggal dunia. hey... saya masih sehat hei. hahahaha. sejujurnya dengan sifat yang misterious saya ingin orang menilai grade superbagan....kenapa sih kok superbagan terkenal di luar negeri? perlukah mengenal sosok raineir ketimbang SUPERBAGAN? yang ber tarung si SUPERBAGAN kok ...ngapain juga harus kenal si raineir sang empunya? mau harga murah ya?! hahahaha. sebenarnya saya ingin orang menghargai hasil jerih payah saya yaitu si SUPERBAGAN yang bisa membunuh monster2 yang katanya tidak bisa dikalahkan. saya ingin orang mengerti seni dari cupang itu apa? mungkin saya akan buat page untuk seni cupang aduan. Saat ini superbagan mengalami perkembangan yang luarbiasa baik dari segi bloodline, kolam dan perawatan. Dan saya yakin kita akan membuat sejarah baru........ MENANG melawan monster tak terkalahkan

Suka ato tidak, monster2 yang tidak terkalahkan akan berdatangan, lagi dan lagi. mungkin di indonesia barat, tengah dan timur ...mungkin pula di kotamu. menjajah kotamu mungkin juga harga dirimu. Sekarang saatnya untuk berdiri dan melawan sang monster

AYO bantu saya untuk melawan monster tidak terkalahkan dari negera tetangga. mari kita buktikan SUPERBAGAN adalah ikan terbaik di indonesia ...sudah saatnya superbagan merajai di tanah sendiri.... Sudah siapkah kamu menjadi JAWARA?!(4 may 2018)



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