Family :


Arena name:

Sun go kong

Size :

1.0 to 1.4

Colour :


Attack :

55% stomach and neck

35% face and corner of mouth

10% tail

Description :

A fighter with unique hitting skill which so fatal at neck and joint gills. Sun is consider very beautiful fighter and basic skill this fighter is combination painfull hit and stun hit. its consider top class fighter that show not just how to tame a champion with painfull hit but also with some steal hit to corner of mouth and cutting the opponent tail

This typical bloodline seem not have inferior scale like other fighter, at first hour this family will aim for join neck and gills. he will show you combinations 2 or 3 hits to tame the opponent movements. and during that time he will release his steal hit to corner of mouth to weaken opponent jaws.

With high endurance this type fighter will make a game fight become interesting. he can take fatal hit. with a proper training and good taking care. he will show you how we can beat unbeatable champion. he will keep pushing opponent and take them down.


A champion killer... A monster's tamer... Its time you write your own history

Price : USD 50
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