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Family :

Super bagan

Arena name:


Size :

1.3 to 1.8

Colour :

Blue, green

Attack :

55% stomach and neck

40% face

5% tail

Description :

A fighter with superior fighting skill with locking hit to stomach and neck. with very beautiful fighting skill this fighter is consider top class fighter that show not just how to killed a champion roughly like beast but he show you how to finished opponent with style

Virus is old bloodline what make his so special this time that he have very very tough bone structure that support this fighter to able receive the fatal hit from opponent even the painful hit. one more thing that so special with this fighter is this fighter have unique hard scale so combination of both bone structure and hard scale make he very safe

what i like this bloodline is the combination fatal hits that ruin opponent inner organ. you will see opponent will sink to bottom during fighting especially in second hours, and in3rd hours or more the damage will spread too all body like Virus. the longer opponent feel the hit the pain will break all nerve system and there no cure.

There is no cure for VIRUS ELITE... spread your own terror

Price : USD 100
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