Bagan have many fighting styles and ability which later they developed become Super Bagan. Super Bagan means the best selected pure bloodline of bagan fighter than can combine all physical and natural basic and become Perfect bagan. All info about basic technique fighting skill, hit, bites and damages according in Super Bagan!


Basic Super Bagan Natural Hit Skill :

1. Nombak : Direct hit like throw spearing hit to opponent. Super fighter with this kind of hit can damage till inner organs. u can see the result many scale took off till fighter can fain if they hit in fatal area. Produce : injured inner organs, slow movement, sinking and floating.

2. Baling : Slap hit. Super fighter with this kind of hit will make deathly damage in head, eyes, gill cover, stomach and lips. Perfect baling hit stlye don't wait for opportunites, fighters will look for hit in dangerous area. Produce : fatal open wound, slow movement

3. Counter : Turn back hit. Super fighter with this kind of hit is waiting till the opponent make wrong moves then he will do counter attack and fighter will do with alot of energy to make fatal damage to opponent. Produce : Injured inner organ and fatal open wound in attack's area.

4. Nyolong : steal hit. Super fighter with this kind of unpredictable hit will make suddenly hit in dangerous area. Produce fatal damages and alot of painfull in sudden.

5. Nyeri or Combo hit : combination of hit with bites and huge stamina. Fighter look like hit with bites + push and shaking in 1 move the enemy and repeat with it in 2 or 3 times. Super fighter must have this kind of hit.Combo hit must be accurate and fighter must follow with huge power of energy....WOW produce a lot of shock painfull, injured inner organs, and open wound. maybe i can descripe the hit with words.Exp:BRRRRaaaaaAAAnggg!.. BRRRaaaAAnggg! ...BRRRaaaaaAAAnggg!

6. Double or Triple hit : double hit and triple hit isn't combo hit!!...This kind of hit also very dangerous.Super fighter with this kind of hit can destroy inner organs plus open wound . descripe with words BANG!!..BANG!!

Super bagan fighting skill or ability:

Basic fighting of super bagan are 3 style:

1. Frontal attack : this kind of style is mean to get advantage by destroy the opponent first.destroy the opponent this kind of fighter will more superior in front of his opponent this kind of style is not bad.But need spesific training methodes that can support this kind of style!!also phyical stucture must support too.

2. Defend : This kind fighter protect his body and in the same time attack the opponent. This kind of fighter also produce alot of damage in 1 hit. The main purpose of this fighter sytle is wound his opponent and minimalize own wound.

3. Trampil or Skillffull: This kind of fighting skill isn't defend style or frontal attack style but they use skill to defeat the opponent. when you see 2 super fighter in a fight u will see why they win! not just win but Amazing win using technique!!... This kind fighter need different kind of training to support his style. when u get this fighter all u need to do is asking the breeder about train them...wrong train make them look ugly fighter!!

4. Mouse style: This kind style is very unique. Basic style is run and hit with rhytem. Very rare to born. Mouse style is a fighting skill that we indo breeder is very rare to born. u will see the amazing fighting skill when they fight.

Body Structure

Every fighter born with different bone, scale, teeth, strong of muscle and flesh. A lot of player don't understand about fighter body structure. Judge fighter from outside only make u become lose from basic rules of fighting.

Super bagan was create not just basic genes but also perfect physical structure. There are some connection that every player need to know :

1. How strong and strength of muscle hold the scale after receive bites or hit?

2. How strong flesh and bone protect inner organs?

3. How flexsible of muscle after they got hit or handle cramp / stun after receive fatal hit?

A LOT OF player only know strong scale can protect their body from sharpest teeth...That is true, but when you deal with super fighter release DEADLY hit to your fighter, maybe it's look ok outside but when you diagnose inner organs!! u will know why your fighter run or die in arena.

Super bagan was born with perfect physical body stucture

Every Super bagan have their own Super specialty.Super bagan maybe not perfect fighter in the world. But how they used their skill against every opponents and the way they will amazed you in every seconds. Their skill is born naturally and Show their beauty of fighting skill by defeat many champion in many countries.

all pictures in super bagan isn't show to let you know how cruel this fighter.... but these amazing super bagan fighter will make your opponent will need more fighters to handle a SUPER BAGAN.

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