When SUPER BAGAN start his journey.... PEOPLE start remember their fights....CROWD remember their skill...ENEMIES's remember SUPER BAGAN hearts...every PLAYER will remember amazing fighter...and You will kow their HISTORY.

in every fight...in every arena ... it's not matter win or lose but HOW super bagan defeat their opponent through their amazing skill and very varieties hit's. Every time he fight he will show why they called SUPER BAGAN!!

SUPER BAGAN jurney is the fact that he is SUPER FIGHTER. In every arena, he start his first step with very amazing fight....



W 2- L 1


testimonial: (based on email)

the one that lose it got its face slap by the other fish he did do some good shot to there face to but the just slap better when he chase them he did not run though he die in the jar.

the two that win pouch them good with power shot on the back and they just stop attacking them they win in 30 min only i say fighter are good.(Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 11:48:16 AM)

the last one i fight it on sat and win (Send: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 7:28:36 AM )

Colorado, usa


W 3- L 0

I used the shorter body bagan fighter for the fight. The head was a little bigger than opponent but the body was shorter. I still have one more that look exactly like him but smaller. The other 3 look longer and the green bonus. Are they all the same family??? Our fighter has very little damage, only to fin and face. The other fish has blind eye and face torn up. We fought for 2.5 hours.Please do not change the name SUPERBAGAN is a very good name. The people here do not know about super bagan. (Sun, 10 Dec 2006 16:40:46 -0700)



W 1-L 0

We have one win in a 150 jar. I play only one fighter because they did not have the same size.
your fish fight beautifully and won over the Malaysia mix in two hours.
How do you think if I play the other two next saturday with small morney ( 50 to 100), do you thing by next saturday they will pass their best. Also the other will repair to take the revenge on me.
thanks very much for such a beautiful fighting fighter.
I will take a good care of the winner and maybe breed for fund. because I know doesnt matter how good the parents, with the US weather and water condiction we can never create the good enough fighters.(Monday, June 11, 2007 12:19:46 PM)

Cali, usa


W 1-D 2


Special notes:

To my Super NENG.. .. i show ur email not make ANY advertising to my SUPER BAGAN or make anyone disapointed but to let everybody know that from all player i know you is one of SUPER BAGAN PLAYER i must thanks and i admire is you as perfect player.



W 1-L 0

Yes I have fight the typhoon 2 days ago, about 45 minutes the opponent run away badly damage and blind one eye. Really powerful hits and fast. Really like superman this super bagan very happy with it. TQ mr Kristanto. (Tue, 19 Jun 2007 05:31:16 -0700)

West Java Indonesia


W3 D1 L1

Super DAYAK ELITE arrive in west java, Indonesia. Super Bagan standing in front many champion that already prepared for big battle.

#1 with a bit root mouth but healty fighters against tangerang fighter. Eventhough he have a bit root with dayak elite killing hit and skillfull this fighter can change his disadvantage become very terrifiying opponent to his opponent. maybe someone say it's just luck but to me he show how he can dance and make every opponent not to understimate SUPER DAYAK ELITE. and opponent receive alot of damage and cannot stand with it..choose to run.

# 2 fight against Champion in tangerang. never seen the champion with superb teeth, superb scale also might stamina. for first half of hours my cell phone never a second stop ringging coz my customer telling me that DAYAK ELITE IS LOSING!! lose alot of blood in face.... for big fight i understand my customer abit afraid. Same size and fighter who can wound SUPER BAGAN in 30 minutes is indeed super fighter. but in that half of hours DAYAK ELITE release his most deathly hit to stomach and combos to tail with stun power. about 1 hours both fighter release very good hit but DAYAK GET more wound and opponent have no wound even his fins isn't damage. INDEED SUPER FIGHTER. maybe to ordinary player DAYAK IS LOSING but opponent inner organs start feeling pain and quest what?? opponent start to sinking and this is the time of DAYAK ELITE show begin. his start release killing hit..they fight 5 hours release non stop hit and in 1 hour and half opponent start to sleep under the jar. fight in long period maybe can make DAYAK ELITE have more advantage their wound can stop but to opponent their inner organs get worse why?? coz DAYAK ELITE keep hit and hit. Evenly badly wound the opponent cannot run, every champion have their dignity and police fish let us know the result. DAYAK ELITE is the WINNER

#3 fight against malay champ

when they meet in matching size they are very same or we called "fotocopy". when this fighter fight DAYAK ELITE dominate the first hours. release killing hit to tail and stomach opponent start to sinking but in late hours opponent start release counter attack in 1 point of area. and dayak stomach wound so bad. eventhough both fighter in heavy wound but they keep release hit...rest a while and then fight against. no interesting moment in this last hours coz both fight to tired to continue. they fight in 5 hours still draw so we continue with police fish. Opponent get's 10 hit and not run. DAYAK ELITE get 8 hit and when comes the 9th hit the police fish hit right in the heavly wound stomach and DAYAK ELITE decide to run. LOSE

# 4 fight

this fight also dayak elite have same size.. very good opponent too. DAYAK in domiate the fight over in 5 hours. the hit in stomach and tail cannot make opponent run...i'm very sure they also have good heart. but eventhough dominate still must through police fish. opponent receive 10 hits and DAYAK ELITE receive 10 hit. the fight comes with DRAW

#5 LAST fight

DAYAK ELITE already become very though fighter in tangerang his reputation wellknown as one of Super fighter. that day very very hard to find a match. i don't know why?? then about 13.00 very good match fish arrive and we decide to fight it. to some player this fight too boring..why?? at first DAYAK ELITE touch the water he keep aggresive and stunning hit makes opponent cram. too dominate makes some player cannot raise the bet so it's not fast win we want but cannot make the fight become so interesting. the opponent get too much wound and inner damage..run is the only option. WIN!!

This fights happen in West Java. Indonesia. Specil thanks to my customer. with your help SUPER BAGAN start make his step in tangerang city. (based on the real story when fight accur in tangerang)





Still SUPER Typhoon

SUPER TYPHOON is the fist fight arrive in jogja arena. he win amazingly with his skill and combination hit makes this fighter defeat top fighter in jogja.

to be continue.....




W 3-0



West Java





SERPONG player is the one bring the "tsunami" in big size...maybe first time he think when he buy from me is unbelievable PRICE...maybe abit hesitate is it SUPER BAGAN fighter is that GOOD?? Frankly, i don't know what is in his mind but he decide to try SUPER BAGAN. i don't teach how to train and how taking care seems he is very good trainer...

the fight begins with very same size. and in L size fights so the rules let them fight in 5 hours. both sides release great hit in every seconds..every move they fight very beautifully...but what makes SUPER BAGAN different from others?? hit very painfull hit and his durable of receiving deathly hits...and combos to stomach and face make opponent slow down and down in every moves..some says the fighter lose in quality (maybe) but to me tsunami move so great ..make no mistakes..and release painfull hit when opponent make mistake or do bad moves..but continues hit and hit make opponent cannot stand anymore and choose to run with heavly wound in face and the clock point in 4.5 hours.... Now i believe he will say,"SUPER BAGAN is unbeliveable SUPER"

The player that used SUPER BAGAN said to me they will need more energy to keep up with SUPER BAGAN...or You will need more fighters to handle a SUPER BAGAN. (SEND: MONDAY 13 august 2007 by sms)



W1 -D1

Cali, USA


W3 -L0









I fight Bank'R he is very
good he bit the oppenent's stomach until bleed I fight him only 100.00





today i just fight  your fish that's very good defeate and bite good i took two fish got fish in LA i win already .Thank you so much but but one thing i want to buy your fish more but that's take you too long to send me your fish.
i can't wait for your fighter.(Sunday, November 11, 2007 12:07:41 PM)

Kal, Indo




#1 fight

opponent look very good with shiny scale and look very aggresive. i think it will become great fight that day. when both fighter were put in the jar RC start to release combos hit without any warming up.... hard and painfull that the key of RC domination...RC very dominate almost in first hours...not only painfull hit but also fatal hit.. suddenly RC release great hit but it seems miss and hit the jar very hard...look like the mouth in great pain and affect his fighting skill. opponent start to do some counter and 1-2 hit and make some great defence too very interesting fight to watch

second hours,even opponent doing counter RC still make release fatal hit and this time is very fatal. ..RC release with assault hit with upper cut in stomach area till you can hear the water splashing... Opponent seems to slowing down cause feel the pain.i say opponent get weaker every minutes just like after drinking alot of Russian Vodka. Good stamina and great endurance RC show the coldblooded heart, fatal hit, and beauty of fighting skill. then the only option for opponent fighter is run and with last RC fatal's in head makes opponent collapse and that his make opponent's fighter never come back for a fight.


still with basic insting of RC, release combos fatal hit in first hours...seems opponent cannot keep up with the fight. combo to stomach...combo to tail and combo to head seem makes opponent fighter confuse. even though opponent try to hit back it's useless. RC is to powerfull and too dominate in first hours then opponent start to show sign that he must let RC take the tittle...







this tittle i dedicated to anybody who win using SUPERBAGAN. all thank to super player that always makes this jurney become FANTASTIC. ENJOY THE JOURNEY OF SUPER DOOM TRAIN.




A strong jaws and fast attack in every fight cause 1 win, 2 draw. even draw we still upperhand. now my opponent not willing to fight against me unless bigger 0.5 point. (direct phone from CA).

There are many stories that cannot upload. some allow me to do it alot don't. that does not make me sad or disapointed but by knowing your smile in your email that is much more than very glad. to all player that i don't mention many thanks. this journey is FANTASTIC!!




W3- D1










Hi Brother Raineir.Thank you for your fighter I fought two fish today i won one and draw one  with one vientnamese guy he use Mr T fish fight with me but they don't fight much just  $600 a jar anyway i gaist for you already Brother ,Thank you for telling me that guy i know what he look like, but i think that fish it's your old fish color blue purple they kind of the fish only follow bite Neck but can't bite my fish face my fish more smart they fish follow bite my fish around 3 hrs non stop but the end no more energy my fish bite back.
if i'm not follow the way you should me maybe i lost for sure .(Saturday, May 10, 2008 10:48 PM)

Raineir, may i asking you something about my Nightmare.
I don't know today i fight two fish each fish i fought $600 usd I win one but i lost one.
My nightmare fight good and fight bite mouth and Gill other fish big broke I might think that my nightmare swallow big scale to he stomach that why make he choke anyway this week i will fight two more see what happen i will tell you the result again.My fish Clear No broke but he get choke or sink down , what Happend?
I Look like the fish too much sharp Teeth and get alot of skin going to he stomach that's why,(Sunday, May 11, 2008 11:39 PM)

Brother Raineir i'm have be cancle to go to sacramento because i might guess too far for me, and i think nightmare will get tired and lose energy.

Oh i forgot to tell you about the example one.
that fish i win also but small money.
Only $200 usd.
he very good heart .
anyway I hope everything news you must tell me first.(Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:07 PM)





"testimonial ini saya dedikasikan kepada pak h. pemain yang menggunakan ikan SB. bukan karena kemenanganan yang diperoleh tetapi bagaimana sosok pemain yang selalu rendah hati, pemain hebat dan pelatih ikan top.meskipun mengunakan ikan hampir 2 bulan namun masih bisa mengeluarkan kondisi ikan. HEBAT!!"

Boss,ikan nightmare nya uedan. medan Super dibikin hancur, mata buta, ring hancur, SB pancen oye

Medan Super nya bkn sembarangan Boss, Sisik Batu, pukulan keras, mental mati, sdh hancur masih mukul, ini saya baru selesai. kalo ada ikan maut tlg kontak saya.

justru di situ boss, ikan SB pancen oye, ikan dah lama, rawat bentar pas turun masih ok, perlu 0.5 jam buat nightmare cr strategi, karena sisik lawan tidak bisa ditembus

wah isa aja nih Boss SB,saya maen di kota J, lawan breeder ...... tapi ikan SB menunjukan kelasnya hehe

tolong masukin kesaksian sy ini Boss, Nightmare benar2 membawa mimpi buruk bkn hanya thd ikan lawanny ttp juga pemilik ikan yg merupakan lawan nya hehe(31/05/2008)short messages.

sejujurnya saya tidak tahu apa yang terjadi sebelum dan selama pertarungan...tetapi sesuatu yang seram terjadi.


"above testimonial is in bahasa indonesia language....but i will try to translate to english so every body surely can understand. this testimonial i dedicated to Mr H player that use my nightmare. low profile indo player, loyal, pro player, and pro training that even 2 month fish can still get his top periode.AMAZING!!"

Boss, nightmare fighter so crazzzy. he just make Super Medan totaly destroy. both eyes completely blind, opponent lips is totally ruin..SB so OKE.

Super Medan isn't average fighter Boss. Stone scale , hit so hard, fight to the death , even already totaly destroy opponent still hit and hit and release all hard hit they got.now i already done the fight. if you have killer fighter let me know

just right there Boss SB, Sb fighter so OKE, fighter already long in my hand, just train a bit and bring to arena/ fight, need 0.5 hours nightmare to find suitable strategy because opponent scale cannot break even a tiny scale don't fall off .

wah, Boss Sb can make joke too. i play in J city (where top breeder meet to try heir best fighter) but SB fighter show his quality

please put my testimonial. Nightmare really bring nightmare to opponent fighter also the opponent player.

frankly i dunno what happen pre or during the fight.....but something so CREPPY happen.




U CAN CALL US "GOD OF WAR" ...... no name fighter

In the first fight, both fighters weighed 2.0 grams.
It was obvious after 10 minutes that the match was
going to be over soon .  The #35 or as I called it "The
God of War" dominated his opponent.   With each bite,
chunks of scales flew of like snowflakes.  Its teeth
are soooo sharp that I was afraid it was going to
choke on scales.  After about 30 minutes, the meat of
the opponent was starting to show on both sides of its
body.  The opponent's stomach and neck had been broken
badly along with the face and tail.  There is just no
words to describe what had just happened my friend.
It looked as if a tornado had just blown through the
opponent and took all of his armor off and left him
naked .  That's how bad it was.  One hour and 30
minutes later, the fight is over.  The pain is to much
to bear and the opponent takes off running.




SILENT KILLER..... no name fighter

Thank you for your fighter.
I just won two fish today.
first i'm not really sure that's it it your fish i try to fight small money only two fish i win 500 USD but i already win all.
wow can't belive that your fish moving so good and attack only eye and neck make other fish easy slow down. (Sunday, June 8, 2008 4:10 AM)




S.Butcher VS Goliat??

this story is from DIARY OF BUTCHER .... when first time i try this fighter lot of players tell me how can u win Vs Goliat?? i see this fighter so great and let see wanna know what sory behind the DIARY OF BUTCHER??


now i see sb fighting potential. i trained carefully and had better results. match came to a draw. but sb didnt have that push at the last hours he was exausted and didnt bite anymore it seem he was going to give up soon but at last moment he held on til the end of game. it was very close match. sb fighting style was unique. my opponent was injured more but some how kept pushing and attacking non stop. i dont know why sb was so much more tired at end and seem he didnt have enough heart to fight any longer? (Thursday, July 3, 2008 2:36 PM)

I already fought second bagan win. i rematch with same opponet again.
through the whole fight sb use tecnique very good. hit so hard opponent hit glass jar. very amazing fight at last hours opponent fighters face bleed very bad blood pouring down the jar. my best match ive seen yet. thanks. you will hear from me again soon. until next time raineir. (Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:29 PM)





Your butcher have live to its name i got 2 win the other 1 we are still looking for a match the small one had fought for 1 hour and 1 minute killing its opponent the large size had fought for 2 hours and 23 minutes toring the face of its opponent THANK YOU VERY MUCH (Sunday, July 13, 2008 1:07 AM)




not much player still have high confident like K.B... still recall in my memories this player so eager to buy from me... frankly, i don't sure what in his mind maybe he just wanted to try how good SB fighter that have the price so expensive compare his other fighters?

hey raineir, the fish you send me, even though it was not the same as in the photos you sent, and smaller than i could equally match made an exciting fight over a bigger opponent in the first hour! it has excelent scales and teeth! going into a bigger very sharp thai/malay fighter it was using alot of energy and really punishing the opponent. only injuries are a spot on the lower jaw and cloudy eye and tail fin are little torn. the opponent was a head hunter, but super bagan was very defencive and quick always making hit after hit before the other fish could hit. the other fish is very damaged from base of tail to mid body. this is definitly one of the best bloodline i have had. thank you! i am very impressed with this bloodline.(Sunday, August 3, 2008 3:27 PM)





Hi master.
The Result i fought with mr H and m.
I use god no name fight with monie are even the fish scale so top but the end they fish sick down and we put the jude in he fish come back so draw. and i still have one Night mare less over i fought with H are draw also. the fish so top at this time. this time mr h fish very top and good scale top mouth if my fish that is not good heart i might lose but i'm still have chance to draw with mr h too. but i tell you the reason i fight my fish bause my fish not so healthy, and don't want to lose my fish that why i have to take chance to fight. but anyway every doing well better than lose. (Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 1:24 AM).




When the fighters get all cheer...when the crowd start shouting....when the heart beat start to kick so hard....when ur opponent start to hold their breath...when all voice is gone....Some one is SUMMONT the SILENCER !!


Hi Raineir.
Sorry to email you , all the fish that you replace me they are good.
fight all 5 fish I win 3 fish and draw 2 they're good but one thing the fighter you send to me the mouth top not enough.
but everything ok .
so do you have anything New?
pls email and hope to hear from you . (Monday, July 28, 2008 11:28 AM)


2 wins your chakra bring my pride back thank you for amazing super fish still have not update new coming batch?(Thursday, July 17, 2008 09:43 PM)


good evening sir, history repeat itself the butcher had won with ease by butchering its opponent the 2 chakra that had a bigger opponent came out with 1 win and 1 draw both of its opponent got a taste of what the silencer do THANK YOU VERY MUCH from GEK hope you can put this at your superbagan history(sunday,August 3,2008 11:21AM)

good day sir, yes its the medium butcher the 1 that don't have match last time. i think we have a video that chakra fight i'll check my team all butcher are very cruel all 3 of it have killed their opponent(thursday,August 7,2008 12:36AM)


i'll send you picture of what the butcher did to its opponent sir all of us was shock its like his opponent went into a pencil sharpener were its head down to the stomach are been torn (Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 10:16 AM)



you heart beat beating so fast just like drums flowing lovely melody make all vampire dance..... showing the brutality in magnificent ....perharps NOT MUCH TOO SAY ... NOT MUCH TO DO after bites .... fatal hit and the combos solve everything ... and you shoud read and know better if u are about to fight with the vampire.....

Blood bath or .............(worse maybe)

I play 2 more on Sunday and bove vampires won, I can see that you got real bagan.  Let me when you have the super tough scale, sharp teeth and never give up family then I will get 3 again from you.  Training is not so much issue for me, I been doing for about 20 years, I just need real champ to win.  Later dude (Tuesday, September 2, 2008 11:50 AM)


thank you for your super vampires they done a good job here (Monday, September 29, 2008, 10:32 PM)

Do you still dare for More??........................



Super GEK Team champion of September






i love to write more but this pics above explain thousand words and thousand meaning..... my words and my meaning are CONGRATULATION....AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

trophy from september 28 2008 (Tuesday, October 14, 2008 6:15 PM )




ur name probably in today headlines with some fancy words telling your winning beating opponent with those sharpest teeth or something that can make it win... or maybe ur story will remember only few weeks ...or maybe only few people in the arena still remember it.

we do KA BOOM!! certainly we are in every headlines...certainly we hurt them badly...certainly we get everything....certainly u see our Ka-Boom stories

Craziest player is back, what next??

Hi master.
thank you for the top fish.
yes master i'm already fight. i take 3 fish but only i can fight 2 fish.
i fight with Mr. H. 1 match him same size 1 i'm biger 1 point.
on saturday Mr H win all 12 fish no one can match him.
so when i get there he try to gave the fish for somebody fight me but i knew that it's him fish so he told me we fight two fish. one we fight even and one i'm biger, i have to chase him draw he win.
we fight 2 fish for $*,000 usd so Mr H. fish very fast, my fish alittle slow than his fish but my fish bite only corner of mouth and neck.
both of he fish only stay about 1:30 minutes he fish can not stay.
after he lost for my fish he want to buy  the one i win him but i told him,my fish  not for sale ever give me $200 usd i don't even sale for you.
so next week he try to against me again.
so i told he welcome anytime .
for real he fish very top no body want to fight with him.
he told me that he want to control that arena.
i told he that go ahead if you can.
by the way "anchor" very strong mouth.
master i will report back to you next fight.
pls put in your history. (Monday, November 3, 2008 5:23)

Hi master.
they lucky they broke my fish the mouth first if not like that they lose for me for sure.
that mean they so lucky draw with me.
today i fight $*,000 usd with t**** friend.
they fish draw with my green fish but draw under they almost lose.
that mean they so lucky. (Saturday, November 8, 2008 11:40 PM)


Sunday, November 2, 2008 9:23 PM

hi raineir

yes i fight them friday. i won 2 jars and draw 1 i think sb mouth hurt becuz he was hitting glass jar alot. I didnt even have time to train them. I just kept them in big jars and make them crazy with angry stick. they still fight very well. 1 thing forsure sb always smart fighter. let me know when you have new fighter. thanks raineir sb always show me good fight. hope to hear from you soon?


Hi again Mr. Raineir

Today, i bring all of your bettafighter to arena, my bettafighter is a little bit small than their fighter around
i win within 2 hour 45 min. their fighter run aways, our bettafighter attack ear, stomach, eye, also tail, i want to bet more ..but they bet only 300$  ,   2 of them no fight, not the same size and under 150$ bet, i don't fight too.
maybe next week,

Now, your bettafighter ( Superbagan) win at M, Q, Canada  arena
Let's me fight all of them and i will order more from you

thank you.

S from Canada

lots words can descripe those guys.... but to me, They certainly maniac ... their are Ka-BOOOOOOMM!!


I have a good new for you today.
on saturday Mr.L against with Mr H so mr.L clear Up Mr houng about $*,700 .
Mr L fish one point smaller than Mr h so mr h chase mr.L draw  let Mr.  L win.
so mr h lose .
and on sunday Mr L let me chase mr L but my fish got one point bigger.
Mr L fish 1.9 My fish 2.0 draw he win the same like he did to mr Houng.
so we fight in side $600 usd and we play out side about $1,000 usd.
my  fish kill mr L fish take about 2hour 45 minutes, so mr L fish die in the draw.
he say can not belive that my fish can kill he fish so he fish don't want to run but sink down and die and he automotive lose.
he can not say anything. every one keep mouth shut.
so mr h laugh to mr L.
they don't belive that why my fish alway puch and puch non stop.
all he fish blooding all over in the draw.
I think next weekend they try to against me again.
but i'm need to wait for my new fighter  fish.
master thank you so much for helping me to kill all the top fish in big ARENA in LA. (Date: Sunday, November 16, 2008, 11:58 PM)

MYself , MY money and MY fighter

I just got from fighting fish.
hehehe good news master i win one anchor (Sunday, November 23, 2008 11:44 PM)



just want to telling you today i fight fish two fish $500 a jars.
One jar i won him and one jar i draw with him.
but at this time he fish so good a track eyes and corner mouth and the fish beside my fish alway.
but the one he draw with me because my dancing female too much that's why i draw with him.
but all he fish very blooding but not run, if my fish not dancing female for sure he lose both fish to me hehehe.
ANCHORS very good tracking . (Sunday, December 7, 2008 8:59 PM)

Yes i'm still match with him today but i think he knew that i have something and today he don't want to match with.
master yesterday mr L lose straight to mr H over $*,000.
but today i kill him one fish.
he very very scare my fish.
today mr h almost lose for me two straight heheh.
if not  your fish this time i'm die for sure master.
your fish very super but my bad my fish dance female too much that's why hard for me to beat him.
the end draw with him. (Sunday, December 7, 2008 10:16 PM)


Hi Raineir, Your fighters are very strong and have done good jobs so far. I am very interested in the Alligator. They are tail- destroyers? Please give me best price for 4 or 5 Alligator and shipping cost to V. Thank you (Monday, December 8, 2008 5:08 PM)


Vampire strike Philipina, Atm still cash machine

good evening sir, its not us give the credit to your superfighter who has d will to win games its a hard fought match for our fighter facing a much bigger and younger medan fighter but the atm gave its best fighting over almost 4 hours giving everything it got till the medan fighter run even the vampire sir they all show sign that they can still win games for us your fighters are great warrior they dont know the meaning of quitting  

This team are superb... it's not congrazt or keep up the good work that i will give but MAN, U GUYS ARE OWESOME!! (Tuesday, December 2, 2008 8:54 AM)


HQ: if u find anything ....please contact superbagan.com!!

recently too many storm come and go just like that.....bring devastating....leave nothing....even no news in every are...where is everybody...... or they just wipe out by storm rider??


i already fought your superstorm and the results are always excellent as usual.
too bad all of them were dead on arrival accept 1. like you said when sb fight
no problem...thanks for very beautiful fighter.

let me know when you have new fighters. (Friday, February 27, 2009 2:32 PM)


i still want the fighters if you still have any left. wow i can not believe it. those fighter so damn good 3-0. i will add some extra bonus with new order( Sunday, March 8, 2009 7:17 AM)

are there any new report from the arena?? or everything already wipe out by the storm ...



good evening sir, 1 of the vampire had won its match against a cambodian fighter last sunday ( Wednesday, January 14, 2009 8:57 AM)


win : 1



here the complete text messsage in bahasa :

Sorry kalo ganggu, cuman mau ngabarin ikanmu menang cantik kemarin, musuh lebih besar 8-10, menang cuma 1,5 jam, ikan lawan sampai lepas matanya, thanks ya.(sunday,22 september 2013, 10.53am by text message).

here translate in english:

Sorry if bother, just want to update your fish beautiful win yesterday, a bigger size opponent 8-10, winning just 1.5 hours, opponent eyes tear apart, thanks ya.(sunday,22 september 2013, 10.53am by text message).


Frankly i eager to write alot about my fighter and this player but this 2 pictures explain thousand words. BIG BET, CLAIMING CHAMPION TITLE AND SUPER "BOOM AND BANG" FIGHTER.

Are you ready for the next BOOM&BANG?!




yes, battle of champion....This fight happen in Connecticut usa.... it's always interesting when 2fighter meet in arena ....super fighter vs superbagan fighting for champion tittle , pride and big money.... rules still the same.... 1 champion stand and owe his tittle. are you ready for next battle!?

Yes sir,the results today is the n1 won let me tell you about the won first it was very tough win again the very good player what his claim this fish family never lost a single game for hold this month ,it was amazing come back win the opponent have upper hand for good 2 hours the n1 face completely a mess left eye gone ,lip break , grill burn . I was feeling sick in my stomach, ,  the opponent keep joking about the n1 coz for real he can bite any big bite any mouth broken, left eye blind , but certainly boom... rarraraaa.. n1 make very strong hit right in the stomach area of the opponent I can see he sent the opponent about an inch up to the surface of the water,  the second hit was boom. .right in the eye area from 2 inches away he uses the hold his body like an error to hit the opponent,  so the opponent side was quite and stop making jokes on the n1 little bit.  But the man he own the fish was said the n1 hit to run but it was the not since that hit the opponent acting funny the color not black like he was few minutes ago, and every time when 2 fish separate from each other the opponent keep dancing away so since that point I knew something was wrong with the opponent,  the situation change we have upper hand the n1 he too smart he knew actually when he needs to release the punch every time when the opponent try to get the head up of the surface to get some air that very short moment he got punch right in the stomach make him gap badly he afraid to get up to get some air an hour later boom... 1 more hit to the left eye of the opponent the game is over ....His fish ran like he never run before . The man he keeps checking his fish and he kept saying why his fish ran he has no wound at all just little bit in left eye area ,so I don't have any answers for him. (Monday, September 30, 2013 7:25 AM)




This history by some bravest player who dare face their arena champion .... fight against the best fighter of all that claim their self champion of arena....

we have the thrones.... we have the stories....


"Hunter of Champion"

Yes sirrrrr, very impressed that all I can say sir both wins less than 2 hours
#1 tb2 size 2.1 gr vs opponent 2.102 thai blood line thicker body ,tb2 smaller but little bit longer body first 10 minutes tb2 slow start opponent act very strong quick and sharp tb2 keep turned back and foce to avoid the hit but boom ..straight to the head opponent took out big pit scale it took him few seconds to release scale stuck in tb2 mouth seen then opponent slow down about half of the speed he shows off in the beginning tb2 hit him and wack his face off every one can see the white line from the opponent head to corner of opponent mouth I'm not sure about any pin point of stomach but he bites and chewed all the white spot of opponent rararar... you could see the white meat I mean the meat not scale drop down from tb2 mouth every time he bites men I don't know how big the opponent hart but if he really has good hart to last 1h47 minutes to be exact count since both fish put in.( Mon, Oct 28, 2013 1:48:56 AM)

"Super thrones"

#2 the wolf 2.03g vs opponent 2.07g same thai blood line this game seem to tougher for the wolf in the first hour the wolf has slowly start too but I was not worry about that because the wolf has very accurate hit every time he strike back plus I'm feel much more confident with wolf during training he release amazing fatal hit you could hear the sound of the water smack to the jag 2nd hours is  time to kill target of the wolf is left grill I think because the wolf bites that fin side off earlier so the opponent wound that side and moving slower that side after 25 or 30 minutes every time opponent open grill to flare you can see the left side clear all the scale are gone the bleed start coming out from that side opponent getting shot breath and sink down slower and slower and one thing I know is the wolf finished his job with very impressed non stop fatal hit till the opponent turned down to the bottom of the jag by the time I stack my money up to head home with the tate of the sweet sweet feeling ,thanks a lot for the time you answer all my question you are the men of your word the master of breeder and the more important things is you not just sell your fish to take the money you sharing all tip and your experience to get us be come good player thanks again will talk to you soon sir (Mon, Oct 28, 2013 1:48:56 AM )


"the thrones"

Hi sir, yes this time I fought with the guy from different city he lives about 45 minutes from me and I saw his fish fight last week and he won 3 last week that why I pick to fight with him ,unfortunately he just had 1 big size match with tb3 other why I could win with tb5 too because we have upper hand alway from the beginning.I fought 1 today tb3 won again sir very nice win he hit opponent on top of the head and stomach plus left eye so opponent ran in 3h10 minutes, very nice win ,and it's ok ,you take your time with your work(because work very important) I can way no rush, I don't need to fight every week and I think few opponent will look for us to fight thanks (Mon, Nov 11, 2013 2:56:36 PM)


"Destroy Minnesota Champion"

Yes! Sir ..
I fought with a champ. He finish him in 2 hr. He released so many fatal hits make opponent owner said OMG water splash very time he release . He sunk down and our fighter went to finish him. Now champ demand rematch . I tell him give me time and I let him know. He said I got lucky and I just smile. Do you have new   batch so I can give rematch?
( Thu, Nov 7, 2013 12:27:50 AM)



Are there any thrones to conquer!?



here a new history write by GREAT PLAYER beat unbeatable champion in his arena... how good the arena champion.... how tough the scale maybe how much they wins

i think alot of people or buyer or HATERS said what the point the history.... the point is not HOW SUPER superbagan is...but how great the player do training, do taking care and still do humble in the chaos of fight.

this full story is contain 4 email.... from how super the opponent.... how nervous my customer... and most important how he trust superbagan solve his trouble.... how this player beat the opponent.




there are many fighter with special ability that claim their self a champion in arena.... with stunning fatal hit or maybe super fighting skill. win in many fights in hardest arena

only 1 fighter are called champ.... he is Django and he already blow your arena!! enjoy how we claim your tittle and how we take the money


Killer Django

 Hi Raineir,
Fought 1 yesterday got a tie. My fighter smaller 1.82 and their 1.85. It real good fight both fighter release combo hit to tail and face. After 1 hour our fighter took over combo hits to and mouth and my fighter turn around like he going run they start cheering loud but DJANGO  turn back put fatal hit to the head and they all quite then is my turn to cheer. He keep do the same move . Theirs fighter is about to die but dont run after 5 hours we draw.

I think I over train. Our rule only flare to police.
We don't have honest Jude . In my heart I know I won but I don't want to  make deal out of it.
My next big is next Saturday. I'll need help to train the 2 I have left.(Date:26/05/2014 21:13 (GMT+07:00)


Django VS Arkansas Champion


I won... It was even fight in first hour no one  break after is all DJANGO he slap hit to eyes and mouth opponent . Django bit non stop this time he finish him  opponent ran like female have no where go hind . Django don't ever have cuts on him.(Date:01/06/2014 08:58 (GMT+07:00) )

I fought against champ from Arkansas. He drove 9 hour just to fight. I won in two hour . First hour was 50/50 fight. Django. Release fatal hit to stomach slow opponent him down after that django take out eyes and mouth he done gone bye bye ..and good night.
 Thank you for gave the best of BAGAN .
(Date:01/06/2014 09:55 (GMT+07:00))


Django, Seatlle Champ

Hi master

I just want to let you know today fight. First we fought one fish with the Champion that been wining for 5 weeks. First 30 minute we attack behind ear and face and up 1 hrs we start to attack very hard hit on stomach. Every hit opponent opened the tail big and change habit. In 1.5hrs we attack mouth. Then at 2hrs opponent ask to surrender us for 75% so three of us with $*** ok to take  it because we hurts on tail too.

Pride of Django

Second fighter is different Guy he want to fight us because we won his friend. Opponent fight very fast and big blown to our ear and behind ear and neck. In one hrs we blow him back to stomach and opponent slow down but both fish keep attacking each other until 3hrs both very slow down then we put police fish in both are draw.

Any way my friend and I so happy to have our wining spirit back Hahahaha.

Thank you so much sir. (Date:01/06/2014 06:25  (GMT+07:00))


to be continue.....




Its too fast Wisconsin

People think i will tell jokes but to me these picture below explain everything. i am regret that these fighter win too fast so my customer dare not to buy. Damn its too fast wisconsin


my new first talented customer... which i think he done very good job. i dont know what happen in that arena that day but im sure this time this guy have the guts to move foward and claim theimself a champion.

winning is something but knowing and trust to SUPERBAGAN this is his step to the hardest arena in brooklyn usa


The one that lost to us is Malaysia fighter .Our fish bites the opponent until run about 3hrs.

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On Aug 23, 2015, at 7:42 AM,

Black Devil in Fresno

I will receive the fighters tomorrow my friend.  Linda just informed me that she sent them today.
Thank you for sharing with me about your trip to China.  Your matches are filled with crazy  heart thumping action just like mine.  Btw, the food looks excellent in the picture!!!!
This past weekend I fought my last Green Hornet and it was one crazy match!!!  
The opponent once again had the better armor (scales).  However, the superior fighting skills went to Green Hornet.
From the 1st hour to the 3rd hour, Green Hornet threw bomb after bomb combinations at the opponent's stomach and even face.  Its movements and ability to attack seemed to be neutralized by the second hour.  
How powerful were some of these bombs?  Powerful enough to send the opponent bouncing back and even flipping a few times.  
To the opponent's credit, he is super tough and smart.  Very strong body and armor with equally powerful hits combined with counters and slaps.  The teeth were very sharp as evidenced by the damage to Green Hornet's gill and face.
Even though the match came to a draw at the end, it was a beautiful match.  Very entertaining.  Both fighters were very well trained.  In many matches, when most fighters are gased out by the 3rd and 4th hour these two fighters were still going at it full paced.  Every hit was fatal to the other fighter. 
Thank you my friend for sending me a quality fighter.  Win or draw, these fighters were awesome to watch in action.



Hi Raineir,I went to the arena. our fish bite corner mouth +eyes 25percent,tail 25 percent ,stomach 50 percent fight about 5 hrs maximum opponents no run but can not flare back at the police fish,our fish flare back at the fish we are good.thanks-Ron

Very good won 1 fish.I want order more. The size I want 1.65-1.80. I brought 3 I only match 1. The 2 other is no match. The other was to small Thank you, Date: 3/27/2016 9:56 AM (GMT+07:00)

special thanks to my new loyal player. hope he can be top player in the toughest arena in massachsetts




HONG KONG : from Zero to BOOMERWINS ...

Yes its win 4 and 1 draw... thank to Mr b from Hongkong. This player is work so hard to keep my standart in taking care a fighter and bring them to peak perform. WELLDONE!!!