Hall of Champions is the place where former Super Bagan Fighter remember as super fighter which have been won in many big arena in all the world. Here are former Super Fighter claim themself as super fighter.....

Arena Name:


Size :

Medium- to Large size

Color :

Blue red, blue black, blue black king


Amazing fighter with perfect pedigree... pure bagan bloodline...amazing fighting skill....claim his tittle 3 countries champion by defeating all arena's champion....dracula with sharp teeth and deathly bites make his opponent have heavy bleeding ..the fighter wellknown as "dracula"...fighter who eat the flesh till opponent dead

Arena Name: BANK'R
Size :

Medium to Large size

Color :

blue black, stell blue, black king blue,black green


Super fighter with pure bagan bloodline..large size fighter with ver dangerous hit....comnination painfull hit and fatal hit makes opponent inner body ruin many fighter sink after 1 more hours....super fighter with super heart...makes Bank'r well know as 1 super fighter..my fighter which amazed me and who ever used Bank'r.


Arena Name: #73
Size :

medium- to medium+

Color : blue red, blue black, green red, green black

Super fighter claim as super fighter in 3 countries....combination of deathly bites and painfull will make every hit stunning the opponent....smart fighter...hit in same point of opponent...very aggesive and very very sharp teeth makes this fighter wellknown as conquer of arena champion...perfect stamina and smart fighter fighter i ever use....it's REAL SUPER FIGHTER!!

Arena Name: Manny : the famous manny with slaping hit
Size : medium+ to Large size
Color : blue red, green red,steel blue red.
Desc: Super fighter with slap hit.....slow fighter with deadfull counter attack... very good defence plus combination sharp teeth, painfull + perfect counter attack...makes manny champion in every arena....SUPER fighter with perfect counter attack.....crowd know him "Famous manny with slaping hit".
Arena Name: SUMO
Size : Medium to Large -
Color : blue red, green red,steel blue king, blue black king
Desc: Fast fighter with combination deathfull hit and painfull in every hit to stomach...makes all opponent have open wound ...very sharp and bites always kill fighter who even have bravest heart...4 countries champion....super scale+super fighting skill...perfect fighter i ever have this year......got his name by defeat all super fighter.....Super Fighter Moving Armor...SUMO the Super fighter
Arena Name: VIRUS
Size : small + to large
Color : blue red, green red, steel blue,blue black
Desc: Super fighters with Amazing Super fighting skill....combination combo very fatal hit in stomach and tail makes opponent look like weaker and weaker....some player say that his fighter like being attack by virus....sharp and hard scale plus very unique make this fighter wellknown as Virus Bagan.....the crazy virus that always attack ur fighter in unexpected situation...
Arena Name: hei kui or black ghost from east
Size : medium to large -
Color : blue red, blue black, green and green red
Desc: hei kui or black ghost got his first name in arena coz they defeat some champion in 5 jar in 1 day....combination dangerous and painfull hit in stomach and famous steal hit (i like) in corner of lips makes opponent don't do nothing coz their mouth already lock out plus lose breath.....bravest heart among fighters and very VERY tough scale and sharp teeth
Arena Name: TYPHOON
Size : medium+ to Large
Color : steel blue, green , blue and green black king
Desc: Super fighter with pure bagan bloodline..Special fighter with very dangerous hit....combination painfull hit and squeeze bites makes opponent's body ruin. Perfect stamina + very hard scale + Typhoon amazing skill makes this fighter very Amazing fighter. Your opponent will need more fighters to handle a TYPHOON fighter. CAN U STOP A TYPHOON??
Arena Name: Dayak Elite
Size : medium+ to Large+
Color : green tosca red, green black king, steel red
Desc: Dayak Elite is born from the legend Dayak fighter. Born naturally with super destructive power plus amazing skill... He will start release destructive hit to stomach...his hit will lock opponent stomach make opponent decrease the strength and speed in every seconds...he will fight in close range and find every move which have very good chance to release destructive slap hit in face and stomach... He will use one-two combo nombak hit to tail make opponent sinking...and the last part is make the opponent taste his destructive power and his superb heart makes dayak will hard to stop. He will make your opponent fighter and player in sweat waiting every second. Would you be dominant ??
Dayak elite
Size : medium to Large
Color : dominate by Silver colors
Desc: This great fighter acctually have no arena names...FATAL HIT..GREAT ENDURANCE..SMART MOVES...HARD SCALE...PERFECT FINISHING ... GREAT FIGHTING SKILL is this fighter main characters...this fighter name is super silver which i give it to them because this fighter skill is too difficult to descripe only their color can replace their name.. how he defeat every opponent with very great moves. this fighter show me and everybody who ever see them the combination the great color of silver and great super skill, combine of 2 beauty become SUPER SILVER. INDEED SUPER FIGHTER
Arena Name: BABY-G
Size : small+ to medium-
Color : blue back, blue

HIS size maybe small.....But his powerfull hit plus dangerous bites is certainly superb... HE willn't give the opponent time to breath even a second...he will show how to release combination slap hit and nombak hit in very fatal ways... HE will hit in very dangerous and give the opponent SHOCK when receive fatal blow.... He has very good finishing... He is BABY-G

very suitable for asia arena... long and strong bones of head which every hit crush opponent bones and tough body make this fighter can have more endurance.. just see what my BABY-G CAN DO ??

baby g
Arena Name: Terror Assasin
Size : medium + to Large
Color : blue back, blue red

this super fighter don't have any mercy from beginning. first start will start to release great hit to make opponent shock...one two fatal hit in neck or stomach will make opponent slowing down.. then will do slap hit while do defend movement... with tough broad body and great heart plus his amazing fighting skill. he will be the champion.....

while ur opponent do the terror .. T-in will do assasin. HOW GREAT HE DO IT?? TIN WILL SHOW YOU!!

Arena Name: Crazy Pitbull
Size : medium + to Large
Color : steel red, blue black, blue red

Fighter with basic super fighting skill and supported with very amazing jaws. Combination of great hit and great destructive bites will make severe damage in opponent vital body. Bites opponent and torn it apart.

good body structure create SUPER natural endurance..superb heart is the main insting.


crazy pitbull
Arena Name: Doom Train
Size : Small - Medium-
Color : blue/green, blue/ red, green black king

A super monster fighter with never ending stamina...never waste a single blow to release killing hit...with combo slap hit and continious nombak hit in 1 single instant periode will make opponent feel alot of painfull in every seconds.

he will take many top fighter down with his sudden explode hit.. I seen many way to take top fish down but this killer fish show me how make destructive hit.Dominated with super powerfull hit, super sharp teeth and super destructive bites create 1 sudden explode destructive hit.

This fighter have very hard bone structure and tough body. with his amazing fighting skill, durable body also instant killing hit make this fighter called THE killer of fighters.

Will send your opponent fish to the hall of doom...just buy us and enjoy the jurney of DOOM TRAIN.


doom train
Arena Name: Demon King
Size : Small - Medium+
Color : Blue red, blue black king, silver black king, silver red.

A Super Monster with his original deathfull power hit and amazing fighting skill.Very significant with his greed to defeat many top fighters..... Super combo attack in fatal area in neck and stomach. he will not rest after it . He will bites and combos the opponent's tail create very super pain. piercing the opponent head with the razor teeth.

A Super Monster create agonizing and pain effect in every hit. even the DEATH feel the burning of pain.... unpredictable hit, fast and deathfull pain also smart moves in choose how to release fatal hit and avoiding fatal hit

Monster with great bones can endures great hit. Tough body cover by fantastic hard scale and never ending stamina dominating every hours. i bet ur opponent will keep BUSY....not busy to avoid the combo hits but BUSY collect SCALES and BREATHING.


demon king
Arena Name: Nightmare
Size : Small+ to Large-
Color : Steel black

Super monster with unpredictable super combos deathfull hits fatal to stomach and neck ....Sharp teeth, Strong jaws and continues explode hit in fatal area will hurt your opponent till inner organs...fast and strong stamina will make this monster fighter create more and more agonizing.

A monster with strong bone structure, tough body, and warp by hard scale also broad body endure to opponent fatal hit. Powerfull stamina combine with great deathfull hit and bites will make your opponent worse and slower.

Many top fighters have their own ways dreaming of wins, claim champ tittle before fights ....What do they do if we give them worse dream in the middle of fight??run from it??awake with heavy wound??....

Our monster will hunt your opponent even when they in dream....What will be your opponent worse dream??NIGHTMARE

Arena Name: LDE-35 or GOD OF WAR
Size : medium to Large
Color : torquise blue green

With amazing ability and great strength, he cleanses through the opponent ranks with an impressive mastery of fighting skill, ripe the fool hardy apart with razor teeth and strong jaws create pain of hell below. Ever vigilant in his relentless assault, the opponent surely covers in fear of incurring the fearsome wrath of this Monster.

Monster with great mastery skill combine with great power attack and fatal bites... Wow even your opponent toughest fighter will fell the BURNING pain through the bones...toughest body and great superb scales is the best defence from your opponent sharpest teeth and deathly hits ....

Even god show no name only great strength and amazing ability.... GREEDY also....



Arena Name:


Size : Small to Large+
Color :



Hailing from the strongest community of Super Bagan, SUPER CHAKRA is one of the strongest Superbagan. He will defending the integrity of the YOUR PRIDE on every big fight. Mastering the art of mouth crusher and combining it with the superb nature skill of the super chakra combo devastating hit, he is able to disrupt the energies in his enemies. By binding all his powers to his single instant hit, he is able to cause damage beyond devastation.

Gaining famous from defeating every super opponent....... Concentrating all his energies, he can cause chaos within his enemies' body, making them unable to attacking movement or defence.... got super tough scales to reduce any super fatal hit.....sharpest teeth ever as sharp samurai slice a cake... His heart is determined to fend off the savage super opponent and their super hit until he has breathed his last.

all crowd will silent when we chooce to end our opponent with our way.... our chakra will shine in every games... we show not just beauty of fighting but madness of massacre.





Arena Name:


Size : med to Large+
Color :

blue black king, blue red


Newest super monster breed with brutal skill...claim their bloodline from the legend of dracula. a famous fang that will spread the terror not in every jars but also all arena that exist in all world.

he will put every inchies of his teeth and with brutal fighting skill will suck the blood and dig the meat to the bones .let ur opponent feel that every second painfull... every drop of scale and blood ... every meat that we ripe of the body will get worser and worser.

some say injured opponent isn't just by the super bites but how he move like shadow...ambuse the opponent in sudden move with instant hits even the opponent have great scale i'm sure they hard to get recover. Coz fatal hit and deathly combos will come from no where with extreme accurancy will destruct opponent.

u will heard soon or later lots rumours about this super vampire.... killed opponent easily or make opponent run before time, many many others. but DO U BELIEVE IT??



est opponent... Send t

Arena Name:


Size : med to Large+
Color :

blue black king, blue red


The bomb are maniac armed with good scale and teeth like spear who is desirous to collect fame through great fight. able to releast devastating melee with expoled energy even the giants will think several time before start moving again. when the final constest must come then he will show the real blast of his super hits

The Bomb is Messenger and their name means "destructive or Blast " blast of bomb's is coming from nowhere..... his crushing bites and his blast hits will show not just injured and wounded also who shall be slain. he don' show beauty from skill or anything...but 1 thing he will show the real KA--BOOM

You don't need to explain who urself to ur toughest opponent... Send the BOMB down to every arena ..... and before KA--BOOM, please keep it secret!!

They certainly a maniac and their are bomb...Ka- BOOOOOOMM!!


he BOMB down to every arena ..... and before KA--BOOM, please keep it secret!!

Arena Name:

storm rider

Size : S+ to L
Color :

blue black/red, silver


Super storms are very powerful, and because they are born from great blood with special taking care from baby to golden age. while there is no strict definition of what a super storm is, it typically super strong, devastating force; powerful heavy blow, and or deathfull combos; storm will surge along the hardest arena; make cheers to silent, and stakes to the highest level. Storms of this magnitude happen with no conditions.

super storm is sometimes called a "dancing rider ". Wild rider that bring devastating to opponent...come and go just like winds. left nothing but collateral damage. squeesing everything with his power... some say we fight too davastating but u will see the beauty of the fight.... using everything and combine them in 1 form attack and defend.

what the use of back up friends in big fight?? bring the storm and ride the devastating collateral damages....

maybe it's ur time to bring the storm to ur arena and do the devastating..... STORM RIDER