Although Bagan fighter pedigree is really important, training still needed to keep fighter always in good shape, build good stamina.There are 3 kind method of training that indonesia people always used to train their fighter.
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This kind of excercise has purpose to training fighter breath.Besides train fighters's breath,after using "Jantur"method, fighter expected has a deathly hit.

"Ngejar Betina" or Sexual Enticement

This kind of excercise has purpose to provoke the mating instinct and to create the protective and aggressive habits of the fish.This exercise should not last longer than ten minutes, be careful they do not mate for real



"Aduk" or Water Swirling

The purpose of this exercise is to increase the hardiness and endurance of your fish. Make sure not to over train the fish. The bad effect of this exercise can be that your fish will think he is not strong and has no power, if the exercise is overdone.

Which one is the best methods? Based on experiences, combine of 3 methods is the best way make your fighter become Super fighter. And that's the way indonesian people train their betta fighters.    


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