When you get new fighters:

Keep them separate in a small container with conditioned water and give some ketapang leaves. Let them rest one day. Don't let the new fighters see other fish and Flare!(that day) until tomorrow.

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Stock fish:

Keep them in clay pot or 1 gallon container with conditioned water. Conditioned water with dry banana leaf and dry ketapang leaves. Let him flare 1 minute in the morning and evening. (if he's in a transparent container.) Keep them in 70-84 F water.

Water change:

For fighters: change the water every day with prepare conditioned water. Add some ketapang leaves or dry banana leaves

For Stock: fish do 50% change every 3 days with de-chlorinated conditioned water. Add some ketapang leaves or dry banana leaves.



Only live feed highly recommened such mosquito larvae or bloodworms are the best food for fighters. If you're feeding frozen food, make sure it is thawed and not colder than water temperature. Give your fighter enough food and make sure there aren't any food wasted in container where fighter lives.




An old pure bloodline monster of super bagan famous with melting hit... most of it are a cold blooded killer... able to release fast combos and sharp teeth that will ripe opponent apart ... melt the target just like explode TNT.

some say Asyura is known by as many names and is feared in many land even before his opponent meet him. Asyura are expected a great fight of the years. reveal in blood and battle showing a massacre with rage.

solid hard scale will cover every part of body like steel wielded shield... continue 1-2 combinations fatal hits some explode that so hard surely opponent will injured just like melting.... fast bites using his teeth so skillful just like putting chainsaw in butter.

The world is in ur hand... Your time to be the conquer with knight of Asyura!!

there is none place u can hide...even going to hell must through gate of Asyura

steel blue/red, blue black king/red, green

M- to L ASYURAThe Super

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