Bagan siapi-api is a fisherman city place in north Sumatra island, where some best Bagan fighter are breeding. "Bagan fighter", thats the way indonesian people call betta fighter from Bagan siapi-api. Early 1970, Bagan fighter became famous because some bagan fighters defeat all arenas champion. That time, many indonesian betta lovers try to breeding bagan betta .

In 80's, there is one famous serie bagan fighter. it's color 90% almost red and fiercefull. Crowd always call "Bagan api" ( Fire Bagan) because it's red color and undefeatable. Also in 90's, "Oscar" is another champion and until now indonesia still talk about it. Some still say, " who doesn't know Oscar Bagan batu fighter". Why Oscar call Bagan batu (Rock Bagan) ? it because every fight he win he doesn't wound, even with the sharpest fighter and best fighters ever had that time. That's why until now, indonesia fighters say," Bagan is living legend"
Mass breeding is the biggest enemy of Bagan. Due to mass breeding a lot of breeder careless in maintain pure bloodline,they think Bagan still a great fish with great bloodline and they can sell Bagan with high price. But, the effort doesn't come with great result.....a lot of Bagans lost a fight....some call Bagan a" loser" fish....

However, some old time breeder (i know) still maintain pure bloodline. Eventhough very rare to find (Bagan pure bloodline) now Bagan fighter begin to become a terrifying opponent. Some rising star already become indonesia champion such as: "Dayak" The famous green color fighter with very hard scale and deathly hit. Some people say, "it's like an Indonesia ancient tribe(The Dayak tribe) trowing spear (nombak) when they hunting or fighting". "82" this family well known because it's specialy of breaking enemy jaw. That's why Indonesian people start call Super Bagan.



Not every Bagan can call Super Bagan.....According to experience Super Bagan breeder, a Super Bagan must have a perfect pedigree, deathly bites, and amazing fighting skill. Also basic charachteristic thats is "Bagan doesn't know what defeat mean, only death or winning await".

A lot of people says, " What the difference Super Bagan with another fighter?" maybe i cannot explain to you......But If you Test or Fight it with Super Bagan.....Then you can Explain what Super Bagan is!.


17 september 2007

From all this email i receive, i have few question which are very interesting about why SUPER BAGAN..the priceVERY EXPENSIVE?? Is it WORTH to try??, etc....First time buyer always do this questions, i know how my customer feeling...alot hesitate...alot money they will spend that very time if they buy my SB. YES, i know that very feeling. but let me explain so everyone understand why they called SB and why expensive??....I have more than 650 today. All those pond in 4 different place, maybe 5 in next years...from 650 pond i harvest about 70-100 pond every months. 1 pond have at least 300 fishes (males and females). Become SUPER BAGAN need very very tight selection and pedigree (include very good genes and bloodline) and it's not very easy. From 100 ponds only 1 pond are very good one...and only really super fighter can called their name SUPER BAGAN!! other pond will be useless coz i don't sell second best (the 2 to 100 pond)!!

some new customer can complain because the price is very high price the meet and it's imposibble they can buy them. Some of them don't trust i can sell my super bagan. A LOT OF THEM UNDERESTIMATE SUPER BAGAN but all their oppinion is been wrong all this time. To pro player who really can understand how to keep, how to train, how to fight SUPER BAGAN they are the judges..also the crowd who loyalty stay accompany my super bagan show their beatuy through fight are the judges.Not me or you without knowing exact how they fight and the result!!

Some arena for middle quality...some of them for high stake ..maybe invitation for big stake.. i also give my customer advice if their arena is middle stake not to buy my fighter coz it's certain in not profitable even win. isn't i refuse to sell my fighter but if only my customer want to buy whole 1 month harvest i will sell in only US$1 each for 100 ponds all include mean evern the champion u get in that very price. but for only 1 pond of super fighter u must buy all my 100 ponds = USD 30,000 every month. Will you do that??

Some don't ..some will...but all of my customer will get second oppinion. Which they try 3 maybe 4 of my super bagan. keep them very well...keep them in very very good training...and fight them.. the result isn't i must or anyone that use or see my SUPERBAGAN in fight can answer that question. Maybe they will give me a email or call to let me know the result. I will very glad if my customer win..i don't ask for anything such money if you win or tell all player in ur arena that u use SUPERBAGAN!!...NO i don't ask such a thing!!NEVER!!...All i need is your smile when you hear something about SUPER BAGAN!! Maybe you smile about how they fight side by side with you and claim a winner? or how SB show you how they fight so beautiful? and how you defeat your opponent in big match? or just because having SUPER BAGAN. when you smile maybe deep in your very heart you know what is SB even you don't admit infront everybody even me!!

IS IT WORTHED to try??when my former customer buy my fighter they also have that feeling...if you do than you are normal. SUPER BAGAN already fight side by side with the player in many arenas. fight betta isn't just fight fish but we use strategy to defeat our opponent. how fresh their fighter? how good our fighter? what the size of ours?etc... i don't dare to say my fighter worthed but if you see in SUPERBAGAN HISTORY..are they worthed?? to them i bet they worthed..but the question isn't for them anymore but to you..." IS IT WORTHED TO TRY A SUPER BAGAN IN UR ARENA?"



8 February 2008

I have great experinces want to share with you... some player tells me a funny story about fight of my fighter in ENGLAND. the player start to tell the story about how SB and top champ there fight in several matches...and with that kind of combination words he tell the result SB loses..not even 1 WIN!! hei, my fighter can lose too but this result is unbeliveable.

my customer forsure they start to ask me till now. to all my customers i never explain them anything not a words to defend my (LOSER)fighter in ENGLAND. i know who trust my SB will have faith in every fight. this doesn't mean i give up but i have my own ways to handle them. i have few question that maybe you can use if they want to fake SB :

1. who the seller/dealer? what arena they fight?

2. which transhipper service they use?what the tracking # and the date of shipping?

3. what delivery service i use to get destination?

4. ask them to mention some top player in their arena who they fight? ( most answer : "they play in their house alone")

nb: my name will in their records(transhipper or delivery service) so it's very easy to track me or my fighters through shipping.

When this question come up i bet they start silent and move away from you. And you know what, the dealer did away from my customers everytime they ask this questions. If you need more info about who become distributor agen...the answer is none. i only sell my SB to a player not reseller!!

Other experinces i want to share with you is scapegoat things. Some player/dealer/seller easly say what you buy SB in such expensive price for? maybe buy ours only usd9.99 can beat SB in less than 2 hours..or maybe defeat SB in half hours.... WOW!!..... Or many words to attract you to buy them...I DON'T BLAME THEM!! NO!!

In fact, i thankfull to all those dealer/ seller they help my SB become one of famous fighter. How come?? every dealer/ seller/ arena have standart of quality of their fighters....the standart that keep their customer coming back. But with comparing SB as main target, that mean deep in their heart SB is A SUPERB FIGHTER hard to compare SB, they don't need cheap price to prove that my fighter SUPERB. but i'm sure i always give you the best fighter and they need you to claim fame or at least even top player in ur arena never underestimate you....Last but not least, SB maybe need something important from you again after fight ..... SMILE!!




ehmm ...nowadays many arena show good fights...for 1 thing sure new comer begin entertained by best fight in their arena.....Best fights not just show by SUPER BAGAN but also SHARP THAI, STRONG VIET, TOUGH MALAY, MIXED FIGHTERS, etc. To SB, i more than just glad if you have great fighter coz i can try them with SB knowing how my fighter skill and that keeps me always aware with tight competition.

Many dealer have many attitudes such can support you a great fighters....a good fighter ..maybe ugly also. I don't know deep every each dealer, their fighters, their medicine skill. SOME OF THEM sell fighter for living... SOME OF THEM sell fighters for friendship....SOME OF IT FOR STAKE, MONEY AND PRIDE.... Nah, the best way to know every dealer is TRY!! the question is HOW DARE U TRY??

Dare or not is very risky. matter of "heart" and "willing" also "regret ot not"...sometimes u confused if u get cheat by dealer, why will u do?? if i get the fighter as much as i want, what wil i do? There are Many questions about it come to me!! So i will try to explain them one by one.

Some dealer are cheat...SOME don't!! i prefer explain they don't cheat...good seller or dealer don't like to cheat but their fighter isn't tough enough for big fight but they start to sell the fighter as expensive as SUPER BAGAN. but everytime u buy them why cannot competed. Draw or lose is theresult....... i bet as customer u get mad...get hesitate to but again from dealer.

after it, alot of new customer come to me, mostly they want to buy my fighter BUT they start to tell their story about buying from other dealer. They telling me, they already buy many expensive fighter from other famus dealer but not one of them ever make their satisfide in fights. And START COMPLAINING TO ME about experince BUYING FIGHTERS FROM OTHER DEALER.

WHY COMPLAINING OTHER DEALER'S FIGHTER TO ME?? they don't belong to me....they are not my fighters....they are not the same player or person...their arena not tough s mine. Some of them are good at some arena but you have tougher arena so theirs cannot competed. It's not FAIR that you buy fighter from someone else then complain to me. You never try SUPERBAGAN, SO HOW YOU KNOW GREAT SUPER BAGAN? HOW YOU KNOW THEY MAKE YOU SMILE AFTER FIGHT??....




Well, in fact the question above is the player do everytime when they have dead end(keep losing). Acctually, playing in unpredictable games is make urself unsecure. sometimes win but when you go down in 1 fight how much money you will give to your opponent.....alot?? i bet huge money...and all you gonna do is fight and fight...still hope to fight with unsure fighter stake huge money in it, want to take ur money back?? or you want to start from beginning?? are u don't feel tired saving money from winning in many games but being rob in 1 very big fight??

many times i reject new customers because they are too late to come to me....mostly they angry. yes i understand their feeling but i also have player maybe they also in ur arena i cannot supply 2 or more person in 1 arena. A lot of them don't like their name publish coz they looking for money, pride or mabe just fun.

SUPERBAGAN will come to your hardest arena, facing toughest opponent, we will show you the most rare killing or dangerous hit techniques, we will stand last in arena to tell you why we called SUPERBAGAN.

You must choose are you ready for new era of fighting or not?....every arena is upgradeing their fighters with good quality...choosing unsure dealers is wasting your money by guessing is ur new fighters is good or ugly.How much money you want to spend more for unsure fighters??IF YOU KNOW THERE IS SUPERBAGAN.

it's matter of TIME now, your opponent or you will come to me first....Maybe you keep winning today but like we said when SUPERBAGAN come we take EVERYTHING.





Human Skill VS Digital Scale (16 april 2008)

What is SKILL?? ability to know your own fighter even opponent fighter if u high level player ....skill that you have must able to see your fighter condition in the middle of big match....with skill you also know how to lose and win. From skill they can get easily advantage in matching... or smaller but we know ur opponent not in peak condition. 1 thing forsure "SKILL" isn't easy to get.

for first time player or i prefer called them newbie they don't know how what the use of skill is??....skill or talent maybe they have alot but they don't know how to use or i can say they even don't know how to match a fighter coz all look the same!!... From SB experince " it's very very easy to defeat newbie even they got super fighter"....maybe alot of reason will make newbie ta accept the fight eventhough newbie fighter's is lot smaller.... i seen very few of them win...huge loses!!

for experince player who have great skill.....maybe u know how hard to match when the time come.... someone will make fool of you so that you got crazy and fight whether u that attitude correct?? I don't say that is wrong or right for me but from my experince is very difficult to find a match. even we got exact match opponent will have their own oppinion.And again "SKILL" can make you win or lose!!

Lately to avoid this kind of SKILL, someone told me to use "DIGITAL SCALE".... you cannot run or cheat or take advantage from ur opponent. completely fair.... we maybe lose our talent but we can get more new player...make the games become interesting. various player can try their best fighter in every countries. Without afraid being trick by other people. just bring your own digital scale and let your fighter fight!! how good training .... how great your matching skill still need to make your fighter win.




Nowadays there are many demand from my own loyal customers and also many from new ones.... some wanted to make sensations....lots wanted to make surprise in hardest arena.....some prefer their name secret just collect winnings and fames...some just draws maybe loses.

this time i don't say winnings or claim champ tittle or something happy that u imagine...i talk LOSES...i mention DRAW with expensive super bagan. Man, this result is not suppose to happen with this expensive fighters. ...maybe my customer send me many insult WHY AN EXPENSIVE BAGAN BECOME LOSING!! surely that loses or draws broke my customer heart or disapointed my customer. but don't get me wrong i also sad when u cannot give me great result!!

HEI, i don't seek any excuse to defend myself....LOSE IS LOSE and WIN IS WIN. here maybe some explaination that maybe can fix our problems

1. fighter cannot tell you that HE SICK!!

yeah...sure he cannot tell us coz he is a fish. we, human have abilities to know wheter he is not well, he is sick, or he is unprepared. we human is flexibel so we must make their condition in peak....sometimes we only know how to train, give them food and fight them....if u only get those abilities then u will not last longer than 1 years. KNOW UR FIGHTER BETTER, i sure u they will work their best for u even their life already urs.

1. know how to handling fighter

i must remind u that each fighters have their own slight different even their are in same pond(siblings)exp: their strength. some are so strong..some are strong...some are good some are average. making great decision in handling a fighter is a rare gift. NEED PROVE?? please check in history page i'm sure u know what happen. when the fighter can't make good it my fault or is it ur fault??

2. good judgement

good judgement is not only inside the arena when u do matching or taking care but also training. some fighter are born so super but other only ok...the problem is u do ugly judgement which lead urself down deeper and deeper ugly result.

exp: our fighter win couple times so great then u put them 8:10 against unknown opponent. suddenly u lose... ehmmm, is that what u called my fault by didn't give the best match fighter or is it ur fault??

3. dealer trick

this is the best part of my, i heard some many times rumours or news that pointed at me negatively...

some say they sell super bagan already try have no match ...they are so eager to sell to someone else cheaper.... if they FAKE lose whom do u blame?? is it my fault or is it ur fault??

some say my fighter are easy beaten to death in 10 minutes....or maybe just 1 Blow with DAMAGE HERE AND THERE....then u buy their fighters..... when u buy fake SUPERBAGAN and why don't u let me know what happen if they meet real SUPERBAGAN....i love to see. is it my fault u are lose more money or is it ur fault u buy other fighter?? HEI, i don't supply anybody...i supply the great player that eager to get fame and champ tittle

4. correct train

some fighter need water swiling...some fighter need jantur....some need banting methodes..... the question is do u train the fighters with ur own methodes or dealer methodes?? u do ur way with ur own though and the result isn't what u expented...who will u blame??

5. good taking care

everybody have their own style to taking good care their fighters..... so far there aren't any certain ways to judge which one best or worse. but if u do everything carefully and do it exact by the methodes i'm sure ur fighter can release everything they have...peak performance= never ending stamina, more resistance, more painfull hit...MORE EVERYTHING.


this topic very interesting to all of us...if u can do #1-5 then last thing u must have is this "AMBITION". oh yeah, i certainly sure u must have this before u want survive in this games. WHAT UR AMBITION?? FAME....CHAMP TITLE.....CASH.....PRIDE....REVENGE...OR just betta maniac.


SUPERBAGAN IS DEAD?!(14 oct '10)

last time i check the was update at 2009. WOW almost 2 years..... till now i receive lots of email and certainly calls that my loyal customers maybe fighter maniac who need a super fighter to regain their pride hehehehe or just curious about superbagan...... many of my customer especially the super players who follow me all this time disappointed due i sell fighter no more...... i rejected them with may reasons altough i still have my pure bloodline... sometime kind of funny, what the point i don't sell fighter for almost this 2 years.

probably many people say SUPERBAGAN is dead?! HE'S QUIT from fighting fish?! i think i heard lots of rumors ......well i think if i were you i do also think that way!! ..... but is it true?! maybe i can explain with my own ways:

1. ehmmmm, i sell fighting fish is not for living so i even i don't sell no problem right?!

lot of people tell me that i'm so crazy selling fighter with 100 usd.... some say i just do trick so iget lots of money so soon or later i will quit this hobby. ehmmm, i think that is WRONG!! i sell fighter for fame and so far my superbagan never let me down... so when i don't sell fighter to ANYONE all this 2 years i have no problem with my finance

2. i still have great bloodlines in all my ponds so i don't need to worry

the reason i still in this fight coz i still have many pure bloodline.... bloodline to breed to get new super fighter...and it's very interesting to me to create SUPER CHAMPION bloodline

3. what would u do without superbagan!?

lot's of my loyal customer still wait when will the time of resurected of SB .... I THINK THEY loyal not because how EXPENSIVE super bagan but how IMPRESSIVE superbagan show they how to fight...

4. u will recognise FAKE SUPERBAGAN!!

during my absent in arena you will know which superbagan the REAL or fake?!


WILL SUPERBAGAN BACK INTO THE GAME?! ......... coming soon




What makes me regret to sell SUPERBAGAN?!(15-9-2011)

NEVER UPDATE ......and STILL NEVER SHOW UP..... i think that superbagan hidding somewhere wait for the right time to show up or never sell fighter again. hehehe

lately, due my spare time i read just a bit articels in fighting betta forum (eventough it was written too long and i never join any forum) ....WOW .... just WOW can descripe all the write...... i am very happy about everybody that so concern about superbagan that include discredit ones. hehehe

it's very legal to write down ur opinion in every forum like SB or hate very much SB ( MAYBE THIS GUY FIGHTERS BEATEN BY SB SEVERAL TIMES).... which i like most is everybody makes superbagan become one standart of super fighter in the world whether u like it or not. frankly, i love who give me lot or tons of critics, makes me aware to increase the quality of my fighters SKILLS, ENDURANCE, POWER OF HITTING.

Talking about super bagan will never i i beat GIANT (famous fighter)opponent?! .... i know u will have many questions maybe. but 1 think all my customers or friends or opponent or maybe just FANS or someone don't understand how to fight but discredit superbagan or everybody that i cannot mention to know .....I DON'T NEED RESPECT!!. Coz all i need is MONEY.... FAME ...AND CHAMP TITTLE. and i already get that from all my GIANT OPPONENTs/ famous fighter that time. i never refuse any challange fight.

What makes me regret to sell fighters to all customers, friends even fans again that is i'm too greedy Of winning. Everytime SB fight in any ring name it USA, INDO, PH, MALAY, AUSSIE, ETC.... Mostly the opponents quit after few fights but lossing a lot of money, i'm put my pride and greedy of winning too big in every single fight in SB fighting in all over the world ......... now i just keep them in my farm so one day i can came back then shake the world again, do you agree?!

I do not need convincing what kind fighter i sell..... but i need to sure you to avoid SUPERBAGAN in arena in every single fight..... coz they do the JOB not me. and i'm sure you will know why they called SUPERBAGAN.

Here some email that ask me for fighters PROVE LOT of demands.


Hello there Sir.

I've came across your page and saw your amazing Fighters andi was wondering if you are still selling any of your Top FIghters?because i really need some right now, im tire of Losing at the Arena in the USA. please let me know. Thank you(Tuesday, September 13, 2011 3:00 PM)


Hi Mr. Raineir Kristanto:

You do not know me but I have heard about you many times from my friends and betta fighting community. I hear you have THE BEST FIGHTERS in the world! I would like to test this. I am a frequent in the arena. If you don't mind I would like to buy 1 super bagan male and 1 super bagan female from you. If you accept I can send you paypal.(Saturday, August 20, 2011 11:13 PM)


hey how much is for pure fish like for example if i order 4 fish from u how much it will cost me...... thanx how much is for shipping to us with everything(Thursday, August 18, 2011 12:18 PM)

Hi how are you? I like to buy 2 of your best and purest bagan figther the price dosnt matter I just need 2 of your best selected purest bagan to try. So please give me the total. I live in the USA. Wishing and hoping that you could spare me two. Please reply that you have two for me million advance thank and appreciation

Thank you: E***(Tuesday, August 16, 2011 11:57 PM)


I want you to come in fish imported from Thailand.

I will be 20 characters.

How much per character.

And your country.

I was in Thailand. Looking to import fish, Malaysia and Vietnam.

I sell fish from Thailand.

I want to fish special from you.
To resale.

The fish's tooth it is long and good skin.

Please tell us the price and shipping.

Thanks.(Monday, August 1, 2011 6:34 PM)


im looking for top fighter! how much for two fighter with shipping and handling..thank you..wish to hear from u soon! (Tuesday, June 7, 2011 5:15 AM)

i would like to tryout your fighter....and if they are good as you say i would buy from you....and have my friends and family also buy from you...i am in need of a breeder that will supply me his BEST FIGHTERS i hope you can be my suppler/breeder...i need fishes that can fight for 300 dollars and if your fighters cant do that then..i wont be able to buy from you...i need the best fighters out there... (Wednesday, August 3, 2011 6:44 AM)

i think there are lots of email next asking me to sell fighters to them and some of them i never reply back. iknow kind rude and i'm so sorry. i hope when the time come i will shake the world of betta fighter and it's my pleasure to present new bloodline of SUPERBAGAN.



Super Strain(SS)

Sometimes i wonder when the prefect time to show up again.... when i have super bloodline?! some say now there are many seller claim have top fighter.......some claim unbeatable.... what makes me eager to play again isn't i want to beat all top player but i release new super strain.

what is super strain?! i think some people will say just super quality..... some just think too wide hehehe ..... from my opinion, this strain will make your opponent know who exactly super bagan...super player.... and you will not forget who we are!!

i'm not planning to re-write history..... i will make new history..... New Era..... Era of Super Strain.(28/8/2013)




It's been awhile since my absent from world fighting betta. I receive alot of calls, emails why not selling superbagan anymore?! i never sell SB anymore to everybody even loyal customer .....I have my own personal reason to refuse selling. i sure you, make superbagan disappear from world is not easy task for me due to many call from usa mostly, also other countries that i cannot mention. not yet thousand emails.

it is true i manage to avoid any fights ... i take all bad, ugly comment from HATERS which i even never know them ..... till one called that bother me that very day... OLD CHAMPION VS NEW CHAMPION.

Even i don't show myself in arena i heard rumours...good or bad is depend on what side we see the problem right?!.... i think now the arena go very different from past .so many new champions ... so brave players show up with their many records but still the rule never change. there will only 1 champion who rule all arena. that's TRUE.

Champion that so strong from all... Champion that have resistant from fatal hit ... fighter that bite so hard even the hardest scale ruin and sclatter like pop corn....Champion that proven in hardest arena ... Champion that fight himself for champion tittle.....

Why indonesia have more champion that other countries in world?! because here not just bagan fighter have the bravest hearth also the player. Most player import fighter from outside indo. finds the best fighter and do fight big fight in arena. Beating champion is always taste good ...and yet winning always taste so sweet. well you know what i mean... everybody give you respect, everybody talk about how your fighter fight beating opponent... i think indo player are "crazy" and this make this hobby intersting coz there will be new fighter champion... new name that can be very famous. famous means money, pride and the most important is CHAMPION tittle.

when the fighter win beautifully in top arena, they will sent to all cities. I think they also sent them to usa and other top arena outside indonesia. Try their ability, skill against top fighter to claim champion tittle.when the fighter get champion tittle it is taste unbelieveable ..... well, that is from my opinion. opinion about beating champion and claim a champion tittle.

Are there New champion and Old champion?!

Some say new champion provide better show better stamina...better hit... Some say old champion are stronger and they are legend with some history of their super destructive...their resistance ...mostly their winning against champion that very day...PROVEN HISTROY....... but 1 thing i know rule will never change and there is only 1 CHAMPION....CHAMPION that rule ALL ARENA.

i decide to back in this hobby not because i like to sell in HIGH PRICE ...i think maybe i will sell higher LOL....
i'm back because A REQUEST of 2 persons

#1... the person that always bother me with emails and calls ... Mostly never give up waiting super bagan show up again. A player that willing to fight a CHAMPION of arena.... A player that have bravest heart ... A player that can waiting the perfect moment to shake the world through patient and never underestimate any opponent ...

#2 someone i called SUHU (in indonesia langguage) .... someone i called master/ teacher/ shi fu. A person that encourage me become super player, teach me everything about new knowledge about breeding and fighting , A person that back me up when the big fight arrive, A person that teach me how to be brave against champion. A person who tell me that this is the right time to ressurect and once again rock the world. A person that found X GEN THERAPY. i will explain later about X GENES THERAPY.

i think this last 2 week are the best of my day. i'm back to find fighter that claim theirself champion, the strongest from all, best fighter ever have in top arena and fight against them. Fight against champion always interesting and i think it's because i'm as 1 as my fighter excited to show something amazing during in fight.

Are there OLD CHAMPION?!..... Are there NEW CHAMPION... I'm sure there only be only ONE CHAMPION.


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